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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Multiple ways to enjoy this game!


I like that this game can be played regardless if you have enough points/structures on your land, as compared to June’s journey. I like that there are alternate games to play as well - the butterflies and the tickets games. There are a variety of ways to earn prizes - earning butterflies, tickets, furniture and other items to build or upgrade properties, and to play the alternate games mentioned above. The energy to play the main game are ready to earn. It’s not too expensive to buy energy if you want but not required. The only thing I don’t really like is the story!!! How many times and ways can you follow the torn photograph??!!! After so long the story dwindles with motivation to keep reading it! Around level 30 I stopped reading the story! The property graphics are much less desirable as compared to June’s journey graphics. But since Pearl’s Peril is so much cheaper and easier to access without spending real money, I prefer playing it than June’s Journey! So there!



I tried this game after first playing June's Journey. While I enjoy June's Journey, and have had no issues with it, Pearls Peril is much more simplistic and yet it gets hung up all the time. I deleted the app after only a few rounds because I couldn't stand the constant stalls.



Really enjoy playing this game. With that said I’ve noticed that a lot of your POC are villains or dead. Might wanna remedy that.



I was playing the game then an hour later it would not load. Very disappointed. Junes journey has no problems like this. Even with your latest update it is still not loading. I emailed Wooga and the support staff was awesome. I am back to playing.

Kicked out 5 times in 12plays..


One suggestion was to reinstall and I lost everything..had already restarted phone several times..I lost my real money I spent on game dollars any Mt fabulous team


RandBs mom

Changed phones can’t find where I left off. It was in the 80’s.



My favorite game. It’s good to play , keeps me interested.

Very challenging


Very creative illustrations. Same word for different objects.

Please don’t play this game!


After spending hundreds of dollars on this game... it kicked me out and started me back to the beginning!!! Customer Service was of absolutely no help and unless I want to spend more money they advised me they couldn’t or wouldn’t help set the programming right! So beware of playing this game!!! Now it isn’t letting me leave a one star rating it says my screen name is already taken so have changed it over 20 times and the response is still the same!?!

Not understanding rewards


When you complete a scene and do not get any coins, it is frustrating and when it takes 10 or more lives to complete the final scene, I think that is not correct. I enjoy playing this game but there should be changes. When there is something so pretty and you need $ to buy it, I don’t think that is fair for anyone who plays this game. It’s always about the almighty dollar that makes or breaks the game. I would tell my friends about this game but let them know if you don’t want to spend money, don’t expect your island to look like anyone’s island.