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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh


جزاك الله خير الجزء

Arabic language guests

Been playing it for years, never gets old!

Kim J1

Love this game, keeps your mind active!!



Hello, good night, for a long time I have not appeared in the game facebook friends nor can I give energy as a gift and news of the same game comes to you.


flow play

It is fun Play low

Like this game but not the changes made to Challenges


Developers- you are really making this game not fun with the inane changes you make without notice or focus group feedback! First you change the Prestige points you can earn in Iris Eyes and now you make it impossible to collect Collection items. We use Collection items to help us with the teams- and this makes it seem less and less likely I will continue to play on a team and why then should I play a game where after you complete 90 chapters I can only replay chapters????



I love this game but while in an Adventure Club Captain’s Challenge is the biggest challenge because tickets are so hard to get! We should be able to get and keep them from friends! Now they have limited tickets and energy each day because they said to be “fair”. No it’s GREED they want you to buy! Don’t do it.

love the game but..

Jeri's place

Why is the same puzzle showing up twice in two days??

So bad

[email protected]

I play June’s journey and was hoping it be close to that but it was nothing like it. Played a few scenes very boring!!!


no more money for you

New upgrade stinks

Major change and no communication


Wooga changed the rules to the distribution of energy without communicating clear information or instructions to the players. I am uninstalling this game and moving on.