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PDF to Pages by PDF2Office - the PDF Converter

PDF to Pages by PDF2Office converts your PDF to editable Pages files on your iPhone.
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Productivity $4.99 Recosoft Corporation iPhone, iPad, iPod

Convert PDF to Pages; Convert PDF to JPEG; Convert PDF to PNG and mark specific areas to convert using the Area Select tool and have it editable on your iPhone!

PDF to Pages converts PDF files to editable Pages files by recreating the intended construction and layout of the document; forming paragraphs; applying styles; regrouping independent graphic elements; extracting images; creating tables; all automatically without any manual intervention.

PDF to Pages also provides detailed options for fine-tuning the conversion process. You can convert the entire PDF file or specify a range of pages to convert to the Pages format. Every page in a PDF file is converted to an equivalent page in the resulting Pages file. PDF to Pages comes with a fully integrated PDF viewer allowing you to view the file you want to convert.


* Convert PDFs to editable Pages files
* Read PDF Files using the integrated PDF viewer.
* Mark just the area within a page to convert. You can convert just the marked area to Pages, JPEG or PNG types
* Select an area and have the contents embedded into a new Mail automatically.
* Dropbox integration allows you to transfer files between your Dropbox account
* Use WIFI transfer mode to transfer files between your computer and iPhone
* Use standard Pinch in/Pinch Out to change the viewing magnification
* Use the all in 1 interface to Convert and View PDF files.
* The converted result is easily editable in Pages
* Transfer your converted files to any other software on the iPhone that can accept Pages files.
* Convert the entire file or a range of pages only

Recosoft is the developer of PDF2Office the de-facto PDF conversion software for the Mac and iPad; PDF2ID the PDF-to-InDesign converter and ID2Office, the InDesign to Word/PowerPoint tool. Refer to our web site to view the entire desktop line of products that we are now bringing to the iOS.

Note: PDF to Pages by PDF2Office does not perform Optical Character Recognition. An image in a PDF file is treated as an image.


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