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PDF Expert 5 is a must-have app for anyone who reads, annotates or edits PDF documents on iPad or iPhone. It allows you to mark up documents with highlights and handwriting, insert text and stamps, sign and even merge PDFs. Moreover, PDF Expert 5 is the best choice for filling out PDF forms right on your iPad and iPhone.
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Productivity $9.99 Readdle Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

“PDF Expert 5 is one of my must-have iPad apps and a
desktop-class PDF reader” - MacStories.net

“I was blown away at how easy the app is to use” - MakeUseOf.

“The best app for managing, editing, and reading PDFs on your iPad” - The Sweet Setup.

You can open various file formats such as iWork, MS Office, PowerPoint, text files, images, even music and video files, etc. Get these files from desktop computers, email attachments, documents on Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDocs and “Open in" from other applications.

PDF Expert 5 provides the best experience for filling out PDF forms. Text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons and other form elements work as you expect and all the information you enter is saved within the form. Even complex interactive forms with Javascript work impressively well.

With PDF Expert 5 you can:

- Highlight Text -
Mark important things in books, journals or documents you want to review.

- Fill Forms -
Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat.

- Create Notes -
Add comments to the texts you read.

- Draw with your finger-
Use it to make handwritten notes or highlight text in scanned books.

- Make Bookmarks -
Create table of contents for your document right on iPad and iPhone.

- Review Documents -
Mark up errors and place special emphasis on important sentences.

-Sign Documents
Use digital signatures to sign contracts and agreements on the go.

Other things PDF Expert 5 lets you do:

+ Read PDFs with ease
PDF Expert 5 has one of the best PDF viewers for iPad and iPhone. It opens large files, supports full text search, handles PDF links and outlines, opens password-protected documents and extracts text from PDFs.

+ Copy Files From Mac or PC via Wi-Fi and USB
Use iTunes file sharing to transfer files directly to your iPad or iPhone via USB cable. As an alternative connect your iOS device running PDF Expert 5 via Wi-Fi and operate it like a wireless flash drive. No additional software is required.

+ Save Email Attachments
Open attachments directly from the Mail app. Also, you can open PDF files from any other application on the iPad or iPhone via "Open In..." dialogue.

+ Sync your files with various cloud services
PDF Expert 5 allows you to download and upload files from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and other services. If you use more than one cloud storage, PDF Expert 5 will handle all of them.

+ Share Files With Your Friends
Email files directly from PDF Expert 5 with all annotations you made.

+ Protect Documents with Password and Encryption
Restrict access to PDF Expert 5 with a password to protect your files from unauthorized reading. Enable iOS Data Protection to encrypt everything while your iPad or iPhone is not in use.

+ Text To Speech
You can listen to e-books or audio files on the road or when you don’t feel like reading. PDF Expert 5 intelligently processes PDF books and uses iOS text- to-speech API to read them aloud.

And one more thing:

• Review Mode •
The Review Mode allows you to mark up PDF documents in a very special way. Just tap anywhere on the text where you need changes and correct it in the text editor. The text that you delete is marked as removed while everything you add is shown as new text in different colors. Currently available only on iPad.

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Indispensable App & Superior Customer Service!

For over 6 years I’ve been using this app & it has been a fantastic experience. There was a learning curve in the beginning but after that I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. Originally I bought PDF Expert to study & archive periodicals but it has become an integral part of my iPad life: keeping all of my scanned bits of paper & recipes organized, filling out online forms, even doing creative projects. And talk about customer service! If only all companies had their finesse! I’ve had to contact them 3 or 4 times with questions & not only do they write back promptly but the tone of the response is thoughtful & friendly. And I don’t know if it was just a coincidence but early on there was only a deep purple highlighter so dark to be almost unusable so I submitted a request for lilac. On the next update lilac was there! Now, of course, there are plenty of color options. Another time I wrote them because I couldn’t figure out how to do something & they wrote me back as if they had nothing better to do than help me. So impressed. With every update PDF Expert only gets better. Bravo to the Readdle team! Congratulations on many excellent products backed by a superior customer experience! Keep up the good work!

False advertising!
Keoni C.

0/5 stars! I bought the bundle for $15.99 and then when I went to edit a pdf a upgrade now ad popped up saying that I could upgrade for $9.99!!! What?! I just bought a PDF editor app and now I got to spend another $9.99 to edit? Don’t tell us in the description that we can do something without first telling us that that’s going to cost an additional $9.99!


UNUSABLE AFTER UPDATE! Can’t open a single file??!

What have you done???

I am using an iPhone 7+ and since your new update you have rendered the app useless. It opens up but does freezes or moves extremely slowly. It’ll take five minutes to open a folder. I use PDF Expert EVERY SINGLE DAY for work and other essential matters. You have crippled my workflow at this time. I had to quickly stop my iPad from updating to this for fear I lose everything. Please fix this ASAP!

Needs work

Very slow and crashes all the time!

Updates costs $10!
update costs 10$$

Charged $10.00 without being told that the update will cost $$- shameful

Great App

I have had this app for a few months and I love it. I recommend.

Very good, excellent actually ... but

Excellent software, let’s not miss that. BUT, too many steps to edit, annotate and do other simple tasks. Customizable menus would help a ton. Also the text editing and manipulation is WAY too cumbersome and difficult and quirky. A big time drain for any practical purposes.

Gets you what you need....

I love this app. It gives me many of the Acrobat features I need to make, compile, and share PDF files.

Chip Warden

PDF Expert is a wonderful app. However, Readdle has decided putting advertisements In purchased software is acceptable. It is not.