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PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage is free iOS app published by PayPal, Inc.

Help Center


Is a place they put you in then they have a bot ask you some questions not related to your issue. Forget talking to a human being that’s just not gonna happen the site wouldn’t be that bad it’s just their help center is just awful plain and simple it’s just awful

PayPal always has my back


If and when PayPal isn’t an option at checkout, I look elsewhere. Enough said.

Satisfied andll lo

nocciolina 99

I have been a customer for over 10 years and I am very happy with your purchases protection and disputes. I wish you won’t continue to change your website design… the latest, it’s very confusing and I wish you went back to the one you had 4 years ago.

Bad app


I used my id and everything and confirmed my identity now I can’t use my card on PayPal at all so I’m who I am really bad app I suggest cash app instead

Great service that should include more interactions

Diche Dan Productions

I enjoy using the PayPal app; however, it should include features that allow more interaction between payers/givers and recipients. For example, recipients should have options for confirming receipt of PayPal payments, gifts, etc. so the the payer/giver may instantly receive an alert and indication emoji (possibly similar to CashApp) of funds received. Additionally, PayPal should increase the availability speed of payments/gifts received while informing all merchants who process “Add Cash” ??options to PayPal accounts, that this process does not require a “card” (which is so passé with the advent of the COVID19 ?pandemic) AND that they only need to scan the barcode provided and process the cash I (or anyone) want to add to my PayPal account. ?Ok, PayPal—you asked for my feedback, now please get to work and bring my suggestions to reality. I am certain there are many other PayPal users who want the same thing done yesterday. Have a dandy day everyone! Stay safe.

Still one of the best apps


Been around before most other money apps.. keeps updating to offer the same options as newer apps..



This is a great APP. I think it will be even better when they start the savings plan on it.

No longer safe

Secret Scandale Sondage

I originally used PayPal because it was deemed a safe way to make online payments. There is an option to mark transactions that are suspicious. I do so and marked them as unauthorized. I received a message from PP that they were investigating the claims. An email was sent to me stating that the bank payments to JustFab were authorized and that I would not receive a refund. PP doesn’t offer another way to contest false charges or offer a different way to contact PP to discuss fraudulent use of an account. I cannot trust PayPal with my bank information as this company will authorize fraudulent use of personal funds without personally reaching out to the victim to clarify and obtain further information.

The best payment app!!


I love this app and it’s security features alongside the interest-free payment plan options making it easier for me to get the stuff I need when I need it!

Sometimes it’s great

g2g mafia

It’s gray when it don’t hold your money for weeks for no reason but othe r than that perfect