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PayPal: Mobile Cash is free iOS app published by PayPal, Inc.

Doesn’t really work with Touch ID


Don’t get me wrong, it does have the option. It’s just that it’s not a real option. If you select it it’s just an extra step because it will still make you type in your password when you try to log in. And it’s not that it didn’t recognize my fingerprint because it does.



Had a problem lovely lady Sharon help me out speedy quickly satisfied thank you so much


Da Chuuump

It good, very. Hehe



I like paying my charitable donations. Everything is in one place. But there are cash apps that are increasingly easy to do the same thing. I get there needs to be a charge by PayPal to use but you might want to think outside the box. If you allowed regular customers to reduce your fee by keeping a minimum amount as a balance reducing your use fee, it would keep me loyal



Is a great secure way to send money. I use it especially to send money to those who don’t cash checks right away.

PayPal Credit Access Is Inconsistent


This app is great for everything but PayPal Credit. The button to access my PayPal Credit account to make a payment is very inconsistent and seems to pick and choose when it wants to appear in the app. This is 2018 and we live in a mobile/convenience driven society. I’m not saying that PayPal is unaware of the situation, but I just want to let others know that it can be slightly annoying. The mobile website also suffers from the same bug/issue. Other than that, PayPal is awesome!



PayPal is PERFECTÓ 👌🏼

Love the app!

Candy - Jackson Family

Makes taking care of business easy and quick no matter near or far! Thanks

Awesome app


This app is very useful and has been a very convenient and easy way for me to send/receive money as well as pay for online purchases and keep track of any transactions I’ve made. I have recommended this app to my family and friends. Bottom line this is a great app that I use religiously.



Smooth transactions