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PayPal: Mobile Cash is free iOS app published by PayPal, Inc.

Much easier


Really easy to use and convenient ! I love the new improvements



It's very handy to have an account because not all my friends have cash on hand to chip in for gas or food

Love it


Has helped me countless times now

Why is it taking so long for Face ID?!?!


Why can't PayPal update to login with Face ID like everyone else?

Good Security, Slow Transfers


Good across the board except it takes 2-3 business days to transfer money back to your bank. Oh and also sort of tough to navigate were/ how certain things work- still can't figure out how to purchase things online using my PayPal...

Easy to use


Great app. Easy to navigate.

Simpler. Easier.


I'm surprised at how few steps it takes and how little trouble I have using the app rather than the website.

Slow for service slower to transfer


Should be instant transfers for the amount they are taking out! It's not like found my buyers for me! Very unimpressed! Still waiting on my money and the customer had had his items for 4 days now! Seriously he could have western unioned me the money faster and the same price! Step up your game pay pal or lose customers!

Happy happy happy


Been a member since 98, as long as you keep up with and follow the rules you'll have no problems. Fees take some reading to learn, do that before you list and make sure you are ok with your price after all fees. Never lost a cent, secure as anything I know of, highly recommend.


Tiny and Tootsie @671

I've been using Paypal for a long time and I'm satisfied