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PayPal: Mobile Cash is free iOS app published by PayPal, Inc.

Five Stars


Absolutely the best! Thank you!

This app is pure garbage


Maybe the service is good but the app is complete trash. I have not been able to log in - I’m stuck in a “processing” window. Not using PayPal ever again.

Goods and services confusing for people


Even though I tell my friends not to choose foods and services they do. They do not realize it charges me money. PayPal should be more explicit about this

My love for PayPal


I really love this app, reliable and efficient! Makes everything easy, from sending to receiving money as well as transfers. Keep up the good work guys!

Better than any bank


PayPal has the easiest UI in technology

Smooth transaction


Very efficient and straightforward. Customer service is great.



It’s so easy to use! I love PayPay. The APP is great!



I Love how easy it is to send money to Family

Paypal is a savior

ashley otero

I love this app! I pay my stylist, pay back my friends when they lend me money. I like it so much I even chose it to be my presentation subjects for my marketing class about consumers behavior! Hopefully one fay I get a chance to be part of the PayPal team!

Great way to do business


PayPal is a great way to send/receive funds when doing business. It’s a great time saver for busy lives.