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PayPal: Mobile Cash is free iOS app published by PayPal, Inc.



Is new money

So simple!


This app makes using PayPal so easy to use, even for someone who has absolutely no inclination for technology! Thank you thank you!! You remove the intimidation!!

14+ Year Review~5 STARS


I have been using Paypal since 2004, I have never had my account compromised and have been extremely happy with the service.

Great app


Made it so easy and I appreciate the ability to send to friends and family for free.


Tap Away 01

The money takes too long to be deposited to the recipient.

PayPal is 5 Stars

It's bad don't get ever

Thank you PayPal, for making shopping and making payments so easy. I LOVE this app! Many Thanks, Sincerely, Anne Cardenas 🤗

Great app


Great app

Great to have the

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This App is one of the best in the world..BEST WAY TO PAY

Payments made easy


I love the simplicity of this app. PayPal has made it easy to pay my "share" of purchases between my siblings. I use it often and am grateful for the simplicity and speed. I e used it for years and will continue to do so!

Nice but only one problem


I sent $60 three times to one person and because they didn't receive it the first and second time I sent it again. So a total of three times it was sent and I was charged overdraft fees two of those three. Why wasn't it received the first two and can u please refund the $70 that my bank charges me for it ?