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Paw Tracks - dog walking pet tracker for groups and friends

Take the best possible care of your furry friend - track all your fun walks, each meal & all your dogs business. Share important info with fellow caretakers instantly & keep them up to date on your pooch.
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-Logging of pee and poo events within a walk - useful info and great for training
-Track time when the walk took place, so you know when your pup was outside last
-Calculate distance and duration of the walk and see all the exercise you two got
-GPS tracking of walk route on map
-See which caretaker performed the walk. Take turns or make it a competition
-Use it with your dog walker so you always know what Fido is up to

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Too noisy

The app insists that you give it your email address or sign in with Facebook. Then it insists that you take photos of your dogs. And you must give it access to your phone contacts or Facebook to add Friends. All I wanted was a tracking app with some easy and private sharing with friends. Rather than giving out my personal info to yet another app, I deleted it.

buggy mess

This app is a buggy mess. Some screens, for example “add a dog” have no “back” button, so if you make a mistake that’s too bad: you’re adding a new dog no matter what. It doesn’t register my login, yet it says that email address is taken. It forgot the dog I added. No thanks.


Concept is great but confusing switching between screens. Doesn't look like it was designed for the latest version of the iPhone.

Good in theory

This app claims to do everything my husband and I need it to do -- track our puppy's walks, food intake, elimination schedule, etc. However, it just doesn't work. There's no way to go backward from a screen if you click on it by accident, and you can't manually add contacts. It also wiped all of my information when I force-killed the app to get out of the Add Contacts screen. I'll be deleting this one and keeping my eyes peeled for an app that fulfills its claims.

So close yet so far away

The app keeps changing the log entry times so none of the data that you enter in remains accurate.

Very helpful app!

App helped us track the frequency our dog was going and especially assisted with adjusting medication for incontinence.

Not user friendly
Haley 09

Not user friendly. I could use pictures from my library. I got stuck in the spot to add another caregiver. Not a lot of options as your setting up the account. I deleted it.

Still Buggy

It's nice to be able to edit the time for past events, but it doesn't always stick. If you refresh too quickly or look at it the wrong way (or so it seems), your event will go back to the original time. You also can't edit times of walks, so if you forget to log a walk, you have to enter each individual pee or poo and then edit their times one by one while keeping your fingers crossed that the edits stick. It's both annoying and clutters the data you're collecting for the day. It's also pretty useless for anything but figuring out what time your dog did something today. Old data isn't aggregated or displayed in a usable way (just a list of everything that happened that day - you have to click on individual events to see the times, which are often inexplicably incorrect, even if you succeeded in getting them to display correctly on the day you entered them). It seems like the least such a buggy app could do is let us export our data to use it as we see fit, but unfortunately that's not an option. Just about the only thing this app has going for it is a stark lack of competitors. Hopefully someone catches on soon and builds a better one.

Works for me, but.....

Wish it was able to keep track for walking 2 dogs at a time.

Love it
Awesome Emma t Brooke

Love it but should add a nap feature to track how long your dog slept