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The most green and the luckiest day is already here!
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St. Patrick’s Day is rightly considered to be one of the luckiest holidays. People believe that if you find a four-leaf shamrock, it will bring success in your life. Also you can get more material remuneration. This day you can challenge your fortune and try to find a real pot of gold! Great opportunity to make your life better, isn’t it?

The main aim for our company is to make you pastime better! Of course we are not leprechauns and we can’t show you where the gold is hidden, but we can raise your mood with our new holiday app!

Let us introduce you Patrick Slice!

This game is made in beautiful green colors – in best Patrick’s traditions!

Here you can cut: apple, avocado, clover, coin, hat, kiwi.

You can change a background. There are also few types of blades and different effects. It will help to create your own game design.

Patrick Slice is a game for relax. There you don’t have strict rules.

Actually there are only two main rules:
Avoid bombs. They are your main obstacles, so try not to touch them.

Do not let the items fall without cutting them. If you lose more than three items, you will need to re-start the game.

Three app modes are at your disposal: Classic, Relax and Deluxe Relax.

First mode (Classic) is a classic slicer with bombs and items.

Second one (Relax) is without bombs. It is perfect for relaxing pastime.

And the third one (Deluxe Relax) is the most attractive and fast.

Well, as you see this app is easy enough but anyway it needs attention and fast reaction.

The app supports multi-touch! You can use all your fingers and reach the best scores ever!

By the way about scores - in section “Best Scores” you can check all your results in all levels.

So let’s make a conclusion.

In this game you will find:
- Different kinds of holiday attributes;
- Convenient interface;
- Colorful green design;
- 3D;
- For each game mode there is a list of ratings;
- Cute music;
- Multi-touch function;
- You can choose backgrounds, blades and effects.

The game is free to play with in-app purchases. But it will not be a hindrance for game process.

Have a good time with Patrick Slice and don’t forget to contact us if you have some questions or propositions.

We wish you to find your lucky four-leaves shamrock!


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