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Parents Video Call With Santa Pro

Why settle for a boring old phone call with Santa, when you can have a super-cool INTERACTIVE FACETIME CALL with Santa instead?!
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Entertainment $1.99 FuJun Liu iPhone, iPad, iPod

"Parents Video Call With Santa Pro" is a fun new app that lets you have realistic video chats with Santa Claus all year long! Even very young children love actually seeing Santa as he talks directly to them! Choose one of three pre-recorded interactive calls to reward nice children, discipline naughty children, or tell Santa anything you want, any time you want!

This is a creative app. to remind kids to behave as Christmas nears. It is incredible how well this application works! If your kids need a Santa reminder, just call Santa! Parents or caregivers can call Santa and have him place one of 21 return calls to their child or children.

* Always Try Video Call
* Bed Time Video Call
* Clean House Video Call
* Eat Veggies Video Call
* Family Video Call
* Favorite Part Video Call
* For Christmas Video Call
* Gift for Parents Video Call
* Good Child Video Video Call
* Help Parents Video Call
* Keep Sharing Video Call
* Naughty Child Video Call
* Naughty Or Nice Video Call
* Nice List Video Call
* Nicest Thing Video Call
* Pickup Toys Video Call
* Reindeer Name Video Call
* Try New Thing Video Call
* Use Words Video Call
* Warning Video Call

And 2 Extra Song Video Calls
* Jingle Bells Video Call
* Rudolph Song Video Call

Once you buy the app, you can call Santa as often as you like, whenever you like!

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