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Explore and share stories from friends and the world in immersive designs and fullscreen, distraction-free layouts. Paper includes your Facebook News Feed and sections about your favorite topics.

• Browse stories from your Facebook News Feed in beautiful new layouts.
• Customize your Paper with sections about your favorite themes and interests.
• Unfold beautifully designed article covers for news and stories from trusted sources.
• Tilt the screen to explore vivid high-resolution photos and see details up close.
• Watch fullscreen videos that come to life and fill the screen.
• Use simple, natural movements to thumb through Paper uninterrupted.
• Craft your own stories and see exactly what your posts will look like before you share them.


Love this app!

I love this format - though its not new, (Flipboard, Apple...) it works well with FB -

Not good

This app exhibits Facebook comments out of order. I almost lost a friend over it, thinking that they were responding to my comment when they were actually responding to someone else.

Needs work

Ditch the extremely obnoxious audio tutorials - these always go off at inopportune times. Don't truncate albums - I'd like to see more than whatever it's capped at.

What happened?

This used to be my favorite way to use FB, but they've let it rot for over a year now, and it can no longer keep up with changes to the service. Notifications are spotty at best now, and will often load the FB mobile page to show a picture someone uploaded or any other update. I don't see them resurrecting this in the future, so you're better off sticking with the regular app (which means you need their messenger app as well, I think). It's a shame they've apparently given up on this because it's really slick, and feels like a totally different way to experience FB.

Clean and easy Facebook app

This is my favorite Facebook app. Clean, no ads, content I want when I want it. Extremely well done and well thought out. Bravo Facebook!

Deberían actualizar la app!
Fernando Aviles M.

Desde el 2015 que no se le brinda mejoras de rendimiento, solamente se actualiza la aplicación Facebook pero no esta ??

Not updated
Zimri Padilla

This app was really something good. Facebook was onto something but since they got lazy and haven't updated it, I'll probably use Facebook less and less. Can't post pictures, sometimes, it doesn't load at all, messages don't work...this app got me back into Facebook. Lack of support will surely make me drop use of it altogether again.

Please make this app go on.
Rome Raphicha

I love this app so much this can social and read news together in one app I hope team will make this app be better and go on, force with you. ???

Beter than standart facebook client

Looks and works fine

Please update :(

I love Paper, and succeeded in convincing friends to switch (one, a Canadian, even used a proxy IP just to get it, since it's not available for Canadians) - it's so much better than the regular Facebook app! It would be really sick if Paper users could get an update.