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Pandora - Streaming Music is free iOS app published by Pandora Media, Inc.

Not working anymore


I used to love this app and used it all the time, but it never works anymore. It opens to a blank page, and I have to wait almost 5 minutes for my stations to show up. I give up.

Worst deal ever.

no helps thanks to yoh

Literally the worst. Too many ads and I have an iphone. Very disappointed, there’s literally 3 ads after one song! Stupid and ridiculous! And you think im going to pay monthly for your stupid benefits? People have lives to life and people to take care of. You guys are ridiculous.

Thanks for the music of my choice

dougs wife for life

Love to be able to my music anytime I want to!Its truly awesome and I enjoy it mostly all day long!!Keep the sweet mucus coming.Avid followerπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’―


Juniors macbook

awsome app

Service is good, mobile app is bugged really bad.


The service is good, but the mobile app bugs out. It will only let me listen to 1 station and will not let me switch. The icon shifts for each station I press but nothing happens. I’ve had this issue for 3 months. I took a break from the app in hoping a hot fix would be done, but nothing has changed. The only way to fix it is to reinstall the app whenever I wanna change station, which fixes it for about 2 days before I have the same issue. I’ve decided to cancel my subscription because of this.

Do not upgrade ios app.


Has a recent update deleted the ability to purchase the song from iTunes? I can’t find it anymore. Did they have a dispute with Apple? Update: Once Apple introduced their streaming service the ability to purchase Apple music through Pandora was deleted. Like others have reported the app does not connect to WiFi. I have to stream using LTE.



Fix the Apple Watch function of the app. I’ve used pandora radio on my phone for the last decade and truly enjoy everything about it...up until they cancelled the app function on my Apple Watch! With today’s tech the cellular Watch is perfect for workouts and hiking because you don’t need your phone on you anymore, but with no app support it becomes useless for streaming music now and forces me to keep my phone on me anyway. 😑

Family friendly is not family friendly


I don’t know what’s happened in recent months, but the comedy channels I had set up started including non family friendly materials. Even though I have the filter for explicit material turned on and the comedians I had thumbed up were all family friendly, new artists started popping up who’s tracks included vulgar language and content, sexual material and one was even marked “explicit” on the cover graphic. I’m trying it again, but without much luck. I am not trusting Pandora’s filters to give me what I want.

Best way to beat! Pandora I idora!!

follow frankiefreshnismo

Love u


Jaime A Lopez

Este tiene música Cristina me gusta Pandora le regalo 5estrella por eso gracias Pandora Dios te bendiga mucho. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Š