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Pandora - Streaming Music is free iOS app published by Pandora Media, Inc.



Ok so this app is AMAZING I love all the different songs but I had a few problems so I like a singer XXXTENTACION and I went to pandora and I didn’t have any of his songs when I got them before and I tried to get the songs back but it wouldn’t let me and he’s my favorite but I can’t listen to him anymore so can you please try to fix this please I am rating this five stars cause I know you can fix this and I can listen to him



For Free Trials Of Pandora Premium And Pandora Plus Subscriptions Make It So That When The Trial Time Is Up It Reverts Back To Regular Pandora Automatically Because Not Everyone Has Access To A Laptop To Cancel The Subscription So They End Up Getting Charged And Most Likely People Get The Free Trial Because They Can’t Afford The Monthly Fee Of The Subscriptions. Also Because Not Everyone Has Access To A Laptop Enabling The Ability To Cancel A Subscription From Your Mobile Device Would Be Helpful To Users Who Only Have Cell Phones And Tablets So That They Have The Ability To Cancel When They Want To.

❤️Music ❤️


😘Always on point with the right songs 😘

Galactic Phantom


Pandora is a amazing music app



Excellent music



This oh so the best!!!!

Pandora plus!


Totally worth the ll eg to have no ads interrupt the musics mood.



I love this app since the first time I used it.

Arreglen eso

pitufo ags

Arreglen eso cm q se para deja de tocar y dice cargando y uso otras aplicaciones de música y no se corta la seńal ni nada nose xq se pare Pandora se broca de géneros nunca me avía pasado eso so xfa arreglen eso xq se para es estresante



Oh my goodness I know The Beach Boys are old and a lot of the stations I have are old but can you really not find other songs the same song comes up like 3 or more times while I’ve been listening to one station for like an hour and sorry for the lack of punctuation