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Pandora - Streaming Music is free iOS app published by Pandora Media, Inc.

I Love It! There is a fix!


If your app is crashing with the new iOS 10, delete the app and re-install it and you'll have to re-login as well but it works. See there is always a fix to things. You just have to be patient and work your way through it.



The IOS 10 update is great and pandora was too. Now when I get on it , it won't even play a station it exits right out. Pandora please fix this! I recently found that if you delete it and download it again then you should be just fine??

Great app, worked in iOS 10


Like many others, pandora stopped working for me when I updated to iOS 10. Uninstalled and reinstalled and works fine again.



Ever since this new update it won't even let me open the app.

Do NOT Download


I'm unable to open the app after downloading the lasted version of Pandora, as it immediately crashes.

Add spam


I get a add after each song

I didn't even update to iOS 10


It keeps crashing every time I reinstall it, it's pissing me off.

Won't even open after iOS 10 update


Won't even open after iOS 10 update

Reinstall on iOS perfect!


Best music app ever! New ones Come and go but Pandora will never fail



The app keeps on crashing when I try to open it. I have to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work. Please fix!