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Escape as long as possible in an endless parking lot! Secrets, power-ups, unlockable cars and plenty of other surprises wait for you in a re-imagined version of the classic original car chase game, PAKO - Car Chase Simulator!
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+ Easy and addictive gameplay
+ Generative map is different each time played
+ Play both in portrait and landscape mode
+ Use wacky bonus items and find secret areas!
+ Unlock cars
+ Leaderboard competition
+ Achievements
+ iCloud saving

1) Press and hold touch screen LEFT or RIGHT sides to steer the car. Hold BOTH buttons for extra slide.
2) If you manage to collect special item box, use it by DOUBLE TAPPING the screen.

Avoid driving into any obstacles, but just drive as long as you can.
The level regenerates on every run. There's sometimes also wacky "secret" locations to encounter.


Great game

Really fun game I can play while I take a super Quick break not meant to be taken that serious, only thing I’d really like is if the music could be Yakati sax I think would make the game hilarious

Fun level

What’s the game itself is really really fun but at the beginning it can be kind of hard just know that it will get more and more fun with the more vehicles that you unlock

Mostly everything is good but there are some bad things

I really like this game great game to play when you do not have wi fi. But it is hard to get the maps after the mall lightning map thing and some of the challenges to get new cars are confusing but other than that most stuff is nice.

New modes and adjustments?

You should add a mode where you can drive through things without dying oh and add a sensitivity adjustment option doing so would get rid of the pain of your car not turning hard enough

Nah g

Why tf this game so hard it fun but I never stressed over something like this game my whole life!.

Amazing game to pass the time

I love this game. That’s all that I have to say

Good game

I think this is a good game nothing bad about it fun if you want to pass time.

Game lover

I love this game so much it is one of my favorite car strategy game it is awesome just one thing is that it is like impossible to get far in the game and you should let people have longer time with there powers


I love this game and that’s it

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