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Painting coloring games kids transformers edition

Enjoy coloring transformers Optimus Prime,Wheeljack,Bumblebee,Cliffjumper,Prowl,Rodimus Prime and more characters with transformers coloring book! This free game offer a new and easy way of coloring and painting transformer without using any papers and color pencil, just touch and paint directly into the screen. Coloring books are a great way for children to learn and improve their creativity, imagination, memory, attention, and fine motor skills of their hands. Coloring time has never been more fun!
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Coloring Book transformers Game Features:

- No paper and color pencil needed! You can paint directly on your device.
- 50+ pictures of various kinds.
- various brushes, including dry brush, water-color, crayon, pen, rainbow, glow neon.
- easy color picker .
- Meet your favorite transformers.
- Both Girls and Boys will find their perfect coloring pages here.
- Absolutely free!

Your children can paint, draw, doodle and color cartoon or whenever they want to. Doodling, coloring, painting and drawing cartoon was never so easy and funny. Let your kids be creative by downloading this free game for kids with many pictures of transformer which can be drawn, painted, colored or doodle.


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