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2015 World Video Game Hall of Fame Inductee
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Games Free BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Celebrate PAC-MAN’s 35th Anniversary with the iconic arcade game that has inspired generations with PAC-MAN Lite, a FREE version of PAC-MAN’s first stage!

New Multiplayer Mode available for first the time ever on PAC-MAN for iOS, complete with pro-tips and hints, a new user interface, and brand new mazes!

Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent outrunning pesky ghosts and chompin’ on dots? Now you can have the same arcade excitement in the palm of your hand! Guide PAC-MAN with easy swipe controls, a MFi controller, or kick it old school with the onscreen joystick!

Challenge your friends and the rest of the world and munch your way to the top of the leaderboards in Quick Matches and Tournaments!

Insider pro-tips and hints are being made available for the first time in-game! Use these to help you become a PAC-MAN champion!

New and improved user interface!

BANDAI NAMCO is celebrating PAC-MAN’s 35th birthday with new anniversary themed mazes! In addition to the pixel for pixel recreation of the classic original maze, there are new unique mazes for you to try and buy! Each maze requires different PAC-MAN skills. Can you master all the mazes?

BLINKY – Munch your way around this maze based off PAC-MAN’s fiercest foe!
CAKE – There IS cake!
PAC – See what really goes on in PAC-MAN’s head!!
1980 – Maneuver and take a trip down memory lane in this 1980’s themed maze!

• New Multiplayer challenges and tournaments
• New Visual Hints and Pro-tips
• New UI and look for 2015
• New mazes for all new challenges
• Play an arcade perfect port of classic PAC-MAN
• Two different control modes
• Three game difficulties (including the original 1980 arcade game)
• Retina display support
• MFi controller support


Very great game
super mega pac-man fan

I love that you guys brought back the old Pac-Man I love this game soo much also can you make a challenge that you have too leave one power pellet for the end please

Rich Two

This latest version is horrible. You took a once great app and ruined it.

It’s simple
faceless ghost

It’s simple 🙂

OK game
Brayson Tilk

I love Pac Man. He’s been around for 3 decades! But this mobile app is kind of boring. Every time I play it, it gives me the same stage, nothing new. Maybe that’s what it’s supposed to do? I honestly don’t know, and I probably never will.

It’s awesome!


Gov’t data grab?

I’ve deleted this app since the only way to play now is if I agree to let my device data to be sent to the gov’t. Crazy that I have to agree in order to play it.

Wonderful game

This is one of the best games I played. Thanks for bringing back a classic.😀😇

No landscape mode

No landscape mode for ipad

Bring back Sonic
Pac pro

This game is perfect, but can you please bring back Sonic and Green Hill Zone? I would really appreciate it.

PAC man

I recommend this game I loved programming this app with Steve Jobs and Woznaic we had even more fun programming these mazes colors rain original five stars ! It’s like programming with Steve Jobs!