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P2PLiveCam greatly simplifies the user to use IPCamera, without cumbersome network configuration, can be easy to watch the live video in the phone, support two-way voice intercom (subject to camera support), support for screenshots, supports real-time recording and playback.
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Photo & Video Free ZHANG GANG iPhone, iPad, iPod


Good but

I can’t format my memory card on my desk clock spy cam also missing motion auto recording that can only rec when motion is being active as a option

Cumbersome, unintuitive, full of problems
Zvi Aranoff

Hard to list all the problems with this app, but here are several: - Unintuitive. Many features require quite a bit figuring out. - Many features are not explained, and it’s not clear what they do. For example, what PTZ Speed? What’s LED: flicker? - It is not possible to delete videos from the SD card from the app. - Video playback is a nightmare. It’s extremely slow (extremely is an understatement... it’s soooo slow it’s ridiculous), very hard to fast forward or go back. A real nightmare. Just awful. - No associated website, which would enable one to view the camera from computer, and download it directly to a computer. - Downloading from the SD card is a multi step process: first you download it to your phone, and from there you share it through email or dropbox and the like. There’s no way to download it directly, other than setting up FTP. - Image rotation is flawed. A camera with side view, that is installed vertically instead of horizontally, will show Image horizontally rather than vertically, and the app does not allow the image to be rotated. All in all, this app screams for a major update. As it is now, it’s awful. Unfortunately, the camera I purchased works only with this app, so I am stuck. If I had other options, I wouldn’t even bother with it.

We need an update, please.

My cam doesn’t work for some reason, it is always has a message “ device is offline “. Please update the app. I noticed that it is working only on weekends for some reason.Thank you.

Very flawed

Cannot delete alarms.

Wifi timeout error

So I have tried over a dozen times to connect this camera. Nothing. Only a wifi time out error. No customer support and no options for troubleshooting via the software or included info. Will be returning it. Don't download or buy this camera. Should have known with this price point it was too good to be true.

Salon Owner
Hope Watts

I'Ve had this camera less than 2 weeks and it's the worst purchase of my life. I've contacted the sellers to assist in getting the camera to work but there english isn't the best there in China. I've made several attempts to get the camera to work and I have but I'am having the worst time trying to get it to work without being plugged to the router. They say it works with wifi but that parts a joke. Once you connect to the wifi and disconnect the ethernet cord the camera goes offline.

Fix the time stamp please!
Captain Britney

Since the recent update my time stamp is stuck, not counting. Besides that I really enjoy this app, helps me keep an eye on my dogs when I'm away.

Can't get the camera back online

This clock cam worked great for a while. Then the status went to "camera offline" and I can't get it to come online again. I've turned it off/on, unplugged it, and even tried deleting the camera so I could re-add it (no success, it keeps recognizing the camera as if it was not deleted). So nothing I've tried has worked. When you click to go to the support page link, the P2PLive website is never available. So, if I can't get the camera online again, it's useless as a camera.

Won't reconnect after you come back into wifi range

Was led to believe the Cam would connect to my wifi. Instead of using its own wifi. When I leave the range of the wifi and come back the Cam and app just says its logging in and never reconnects. Unless I in plug the Cam and plug it back in and also have to remove and re-add the Cam in the app.

Lost everything!!!

I just lost every single video that I recorded after updating!!! I hate you so much!!!!!!