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Otome Games: Is It Love? Ryan is free iOS app published by 1492 Studio SARL

I didn’t put 5 starts because..


The only reason I didn’t give this app 5 stars is the energy limit everyday. I get that as a growing app the developers need to get paid for their hard work as well, but you go through energy so fast that I play the game for maybe 10 minutes (most of those trying to get the max energies out of the mini game) and then I wait until the next day to start again.. it’s just kind of a bummer! Usually with games that take this long to play I lose interest pretty fast. I did buy the $9.99 pack they offer you in the beginning because I do enjoy supporting the developers but I personally can’t afford to play this fame to the extent that will keep me interested in it. I wish there were other options such as watching ads for energy (which there is but you can only earn 20 every 8 hours which only covers 2 chat bubbles). The story is great, and I do enjoy playing just wish you’d give more options as to gaining energy for free. I also saw in a previous review that the ending is bad but I haven’t gotten that far yet and hope it’s not that disappointing!!


Aabout it

I love the game and the story line to it. I would love to see more games like this



It has a good story but it’s annoying because you read a couple sentences and then you have to wait a day to be able to read a couple more sentences.

Why would anyone purchase to read this book?

Along girl

Loads of ads that don’t give energy and when they do it’s 10 credits only out of 300, but ONE tap is worth 10 credits. So you only get ONE second of reading before it tells you to “come back tomorrow,” but when you do return, it’s still not loaded. I also watched two videos (full ads!!) for literally nothing and it’s such a money hungry app it’s literally disgusting. I was so grossed out by the system of this app that I just uninstalled it the very next day.

Cuando sale la 2 temporada?

Mercurio Venus Pluton

Amooo demasiado este juego 😻😻 but lo único malo es esperar para que me den energías cuando quiero seguir avanzando y así. Cuando saldrá la 2temporada porque ya llegue al final y quiero seguir jugando

Not enough energy


They don’t give you enough energy... you have to wait a whole day before you get 300 energy and don’t even get me started on the mini bonus game...the glitches you have to deal with just to get them is unbelievable... the story is interesting but with only 5 minutes or less of game play and several weeks of playing and you still in the same chapter is ridiculous.

Energy what energy

irritated in KY

First it should not use 10 energy to read one sentence....that’s stupid! I can only play for 10~15 mins every 24 hours because that’s the only time you get energy and the dialogue definitely isn’t worth me spending real money to get energy. Someone should really rethink the energy issue I am going to end up deleting the game because it is super annoying having it on my iPad and not being able to play it.

Terrible writing, geared to make you spend $$


Just go buy yourself some romance manga; the writing in these is really bad, and you can only advance about 1/4 of a chapter on the action points they give you in 24 hours.

Generally, it’s cute


Over all it’s cute. But costly and slow. 24 hours for the energy refill. There is a mini game you play once a day and a video here and there where you can earn some additional energy but since the story takes so long to progress, you burn through it during the draggy parts. Sure you can purchase and I took advantage of the new comer deal, but refuse to buy more since it seems wasted to read dry conversations and getting kicked out of the hidden scenes because I didn’t have the energy to continue. I will be deleting this app since waiting a full day for a read the equivalent of a half a page in a regular book make this more of an afterthought game and I have candy crush for that kind of time filling boredom. Side note. I was never credited for watching the videos several times and there are additional offers given with the mini game that I complete and was again not credited for. I attempted to sent a msg to support, but it was rejected for who knows what reason. So be warned, there maybe an issue there.

Great story but little energy


I love the story! It’s great, but I wish you didn’t have to depend on the energy so much to read. It goes by quickly and it’s annoying. I wish it allowed more time to read with the energy you wait all day for. I loved the story and got through it, and I hope the second season comes soon! But hopefully they’ll fix this energy problem.