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Influence the progression of your Love Story by the choices you make! (100% available in English).
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Since several months now, you've been working at Carter Corp. An influential enterprise in the heart of New York and founded by the charismatic Ryan Carter.
Your life is settled : you have your own apartment, Lisa and Matt are good friends of yours, your job as marketing assistant is comfortable and you get on well with your superiors. Yet, an unexpected encounter with the enterprise's Chief Executive could well change everything, not only in your professional life but also in your love life... By the great Ryan Carter's side, you may well soar up the ladder of success but beware not to fly too close to the sun...

This is YOUR story!
You are the heroine of the story! Beyond simply reading, the choices you make influence the story and its final outcome be it happy or not.

New chapters are regularly released allowing you to prolong your virtual love story and have further rendezvous with your CEO.

Is it love? Carter Corp.- CASTING

Ryan Carter : Founder and director of the company.
Magnetic, charismatic, guiding, bright, intimidating.
26 years old, single, multimillionaire.
Distinguishing feature : Control freak.
Star sign : Sagittarius.
“Miss, there's nothing that I can’t have.”

Mark Leviels : Managing director of a company branch.
Intellectual, ambitious, calm, accessible.
28 years old, work addict.
Distinguishing feature : never without his smartphone.
Star sign : Libra
“Choosing means dropping something. I choose to devote myself to my job.”

Gabriel Simons : Manager
Outgoing, manipulative, insolent, tactile.
28 years old, single, “serial lover”.
Distinguishing feature : Uses his seduction asset.
Star sign : Leo.
“I fought to get where I am. I know how demanding one must be.”

Cassidy Sparke : Human Resources manager
Cold, haughty, social climber.
25 years old, single.
Distinguishing feature : is very self­confident.
Star sign : Capricorn.
“I can ruin your career with a single snap of my fingers.”

Matt Ortega : graphic designer
Teasing, sensitive, creative, sporty.
25 years old, single, epicurean.
Distinguishing feature : Warm­hearted Bad boy.
Star sign : Scorpio.
“I know, I’m so bright that I light up your days...”

Colin Spencer : programmer
Curt, terse, mysterious;
25 years old, single, sombre.
Distinguishing feature : leader of a heavy metal group.
Star sign : Pisces.

Lisa Parker : secretary
Gentle, sociable, competent, loyal.
24 years old, single.
Distinguishing feature : is always smiling.
Star sign : Virgo.
“On bad days, I look at my smiley post­it and it helps me smile.”

Jenny Moore
Sophisticated, outgoing, jovial.
21 years old, single.
Distinguishing feature : Doesn't easily trust anybody.
Star sign : Pisces.
"I hope your intentions are dignified..."

Jake Stewart : M. Ryan Carter's chauffeur.
Sincere, honest, loyal, frank.
25 years old, single.
Distinguishing feature : has a scar on his left cheek.
Star sign : Gemini.
"I don't talk about Mister Carter in his absence."

Free-gift illustrations
As you go further into the story and provided you make the right choices, you will unlock beautiful pictures which will illustrate your romance!
You didn't make the right choices? No worries, you’ll still
have the possibility of playing the game or a certain chapter again to unlock
the pictures you might have missed!

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“Is it Love” is a free game. You do, however, have the possibility of buying bonus points. You can deactivate your purchase possibilities through your device set-up.
Internet connection required some additional fees may be applied.



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Is there going to be a part 2??? This game is addicting and OMG EXPENSIVE make it affordable

Loveeee butt..

I think the story line is great but the amount of time i have to wait to get energy is unbelievable I’ll click on the ad thing to get some energy and i won’t get my energies after watching the videos and the fact that the 300 energy points feel like they are gone in about 5mins going by 10 or so each click doesn't make it feel like it was 300 energy points and all the other energy points costs money🤷🏽‍♀️im not losing interest in the story line just the app i feel like it would be such a better app if the energy things were fixed into a presumed way but different just my opinion

Great game but the waiting and prices are ridiculous
A Real Customer 32255

Basically this game seems to be all about money and you don’t exactly get a bang for your buck. In this game to go without in-app purchases you have to wait 24 hours and then watch videos and play mini games just to get about 5 minutes of the story and then you have to start waiting another 24 hours. I hope they fix this in the future with an update that keeps everything the same expect the price “per tap” making it 1 energy per tap.

Like the story but energy runs fast
Destinee M.

I like the story but energy runs fast. You could try changing it to 5 energies deducted every time you tap.

A waste of your time, just wants your money

The worst game ever. You get to play so little unless you want to spend a lot of real money for energy. I’ve been playing for almost a week and I’m still on the first chapter out of 11! What a rip off. Best to pass on this one.


Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game but it’s just you have to wait to long the energy is timed my Paris time not u.s so it takes wayyyyy longer I have waited two days and still nothing! Ugh


The only problem I have is that you would have to wait a long time to get the energy points. I would suggest to make it so where we can get so many energy point every 15 minutes instead of waiting a whole day

Good but too expensive

They charge diamonds and you have to go buy the tickets you can only use a couple of tickets a day you need to wait it’s kind of like episode


I probably should have read reviews before trying to get into it. I’ll definitely be deleting the app. They give you a set amount of energy every day 300, and every sentence you read is worth 10 points so you get 30 sentences a day. 😐 then they want you to buy energy, and still charge 10 per sentence. The app won’t even show me the prices of the energy, but I’m sure it’s ridiculous. Be aware it’s a money scam. I have no clue how this app got rated so highly but I’m thinking they paid for their ratings. It’s not even well designed and has a lot of flaws. Example you can play a mini game for more energy and sometimes you won’t get any. Same thing with their video ads. The story seems good, but you really can’t enjoy it because 30 sentences is all you get per day. I’m done. Deleted.