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Bring the world of Origami to life!
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Games Free 505 Games (US), Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

With Origami players can transform a simple piece of peer into a Japanese art masterpiece by following step by step instructions. Fold with precision and in the allotted number of timed steps and then progress to the next level. Players work through various game modes and mini games to earn in game points that can unlock bonuses such as scissors, hints and additional folds. Share your progress with friends on Facebook.

• Over 100+ replayable levels to master

• Various game modes; time attacks, simon mode and sequence mode

• Highly intuitive and fluid controls

• Fluid tutorial will help players familiarize themselves with the game mechanics and world of Origami

• Reproduce known shapes of geometry in a limited number of folds, which can be repeated off line as well!


Won’t even open

I have tried to open it. Deleting it, restarting my phone, nothing.

No good
Ok panda098

No good

Can’t play it.

That’s the review.

Game is a non-starter...literally.

I have downloaded the game now three times and it crashes after the load screen. Bummer way to sell an app.


Make human fall flat free for like 2 days then price it for $4.99 ok plzzzzzz

Crashed the instant it opened
Arin Wolfe

Three times

Good job

Wonderful game with a lot fun challenge

Don't play.
the mouse is dead

I'm being totally honest right now, this game is a piece of crap. It teaches nothing, and when you do the lottery thing, you will always get the bad stuff. Now, remember, this is MY OPINION. You can go ahead and play this piece of crap game and fail once you get to the fifth level.

The best paper folder
Dog game girl

This goes out to everyone this game is awesome if u r going to give up on the fifth level take this from a twelve year old try and if u don't try u won't get anywhere in the game I thought it was hard but I kept trying



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