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OmniFocus 2 (legacy support edition)

Thank you for your interest in OmniFocus 2! We encourage anyone considering OmniFocus to purchase our universal app rather than this iPhone-only app. The universal app adds new features and is designed for all iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
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Productivity $39.99 The Omni Group iPhone, iPad, iPod

The universal app is the same price as this iPhone-only app, but it’s a better deal.

This app is still in the App Store so we can continue to offer updates to our existing customers, and so they can use Complete My Bundle to switch to the universal app without having to pay full price.

If you're a new customer considering OmniFocus, we encourage you to follow the Related Apps links to our universal OmniFocus 2 app (the one with a black checkmark on the icon, rather than this one with the white checkmark).

If you've been using OmniFocus 2 for iPhone and would like to start using OmniFocus on your Apple Watch or iPad, you can use Complete My Bundle with the OmniFocus Legacy Support Bundle to get full credit for your existing investment in OmniFocus. (If you previously purchased OmniFocus 2 for iPad, you don't even need to Complete My Bundle! Check your Purchased apps: the universal update is free.)

If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free support: you can reach us by email at [email protected], by phone at 1-800-315-6664 or +1-206-523-4152, or on twitter at @omnifocus.

Thank you!


1st Class GTD App

OmniFocus for IPhone is easily a best-in-class app for GTD. You can safely ignore complaints about pricing as the Omnigroup have always been upfront and most importantly fair in regards to app pricing. Need a $.99 list app? There are plenty of those, but none will hold a candle to what OmniFocus offers. Also...Ken Case is one hunky dude. #nextstep

$20 for Watch support

Your only value as a customer is what's in your wallet. App deleted!

Paid to upgrade to 2.0 pay again for new features?

Why would I pay to upgrade from v1 to v2 then have to pay to have new features (by "completing my bundle")? I don't have a watch or iPad. We were told for the longest time that a universal app would not be made available as the iPad and iPhone were completely different code... Also features are stale still no repeating tasks.. No longer recommend.

Basically hidden subscription fees

OmniGroup loves to stick it to its paying customers. Wholly dissatisfied and deeply regret not using Things or another alternative.

The Worst Company EVER!

You guys are the absolute worst. Glad I switched to Asana, which is FREE, way better, and great for team work. I highly recommend it, we use Asana for our organization. DO NOT buy Omni-anything.

Too Bad, So Sad About Us...

Appears this is to be phased out and it's just tough luck for some of the most dedicated earliest adopters. As a longtime user of Omni products, it is disappointing that the OmniGroup and their illustrious Mr. Case fail to acknowledge their blunder on this one. As a project lead and developer, it's fairly easy to recognize a fail here in terms of process management. In this particular situation it would appear that mobile/iOS development at Omni has clearly been trying to play catch up. And unfortunately it has come at the expense of the end user. Mobile is NOT new and varying media screen sizes didn't just arrive on the seen yesterday. Both Apple and ARM (i.e. 64bit arch) release more than enough technical development information well in advance for developers to anticipate. But also, provided that the developers have tested agile processes correctly managed and in place, their application releases do NOT require a complete rewrite of all code from the beginning. This certainly should be the situation for established software development businesses as opposed to "indie" developers. Established software businesses should not require their users to pay for every single revision of the product and certainly NOT at 3-5 times the cost of what's normal. And should they decide to do business in such a manner, they had better make sure their product is noticeably superior to its competitors. The problem is that OmniFocus is NO longer such a product. Yet the OmniGroup's, pride, arrogance, whatever it is regardless, has gotten in the way. The BLUNDER here involves a series of poor choices and moves on the part of OmniGroup, including less than stellar anticipation and project management of a Universal iOS app that should've already been addressing various media screen sizes between iPhones and iPads well over 24 months ago. And the simple fact is that they should NOT be asking users to pay any price for that, let alone $20. However, everyone should have confidence that the OmniGroup will demonstrate honor over greed and ultimately "do the right thing," and if they don't that will be their loss.

Ghastly Greedy Money-Grabbing Stunt!
Stryker Five Seven

What a ghastly greedy money-grabbing stunt you pulled with your new OF app. Everyone who spent $40.00 should have got the new app without paying. I'm done with you. App deleted.

Why don't we get review mode?

I don't have an iPad. Why do I need to pay $20 to get the iOS version of the app just to get review? Ostensibly, it's not a Pro feature, as it's included in the standard version of both the iOS and Mac apps. But if I just have an iPhone, and I want review mode, I am forced to pay an additional fee to get review mode. It's effectively become a Pro feature if you just have an iPhone. This decision to move to a universal app seems like one motivated by financial reasons due to the App Store environment rather than one made out of concern for the user. And please don't say that it's a long term gain for the user, because this way you'll have sustainable revenue which will allow you to support the app, blah blah blah. I'm already $100 into this thing between Mac and iPhone. Just give us Review Mode!

Is it expensive?

In just looking at a couple of the reviews, often OF gets lessor stars because it is "expensive". They charge for each device platform, major updates, and their products (true of other Omnigroup items) cost more than other options. I look at expense and expensive a bit differently. For me, I get tremendous value from this application. It is, in David Allen terms, my trusted system. That makes it a structure for completion and accomplishment. How valuable is that? Certainly more than I paid. If I did not use it on my phone or my iPad, or my Mac I would not pay for that platform. But for me having it all everywhere is worth it. I too suffer a bit of frustration with paying for major upgrades, but unlike some other software the upgrades have always held new valuable features for me. It is at times a complex application and not for everyone. But if you are comfortable with technology, manage big things over time (projects) it is worth your consideration.

Not super impressed
Eric Ab

1) they Charge you for every major update. I purchased the iPad app, and they they came out with the another major update and I was going to have to pay full price again. 2)there are better looking and easier task managers. There are certainly a out of features, which can be nice. However, sometimes it makes your screen pretty cluttered. 3) customer service. I tried to write them about some questions and I never got a response. That was when i decided to leave. Most competitors get back to you in a day. Maybe others have had different experiences. Overall, I have enjoyed apps like Todoist, Nozbe, and Winderlist much more.

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