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From the creators of Zombieville USA, one of 2009's top App Store games comes the next must-have action extravaganza - OMG Pirates!
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Games $1.99 Mika Mobile, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Take on the role of the ninja, and defend your homeland against your evil pirate nemeses. Yes yes, its a little ridiculous, but its really just an excuse to bombard your eyeballs with AWESOME NINJA ACTION. Check out the trailer at!

-- Features --

- Classic side-scrolling beat-em-up gameplay!

- Intense, fluid animation!

- Numerous enemy types, from cutlass wielding peons to riflemen and bombardiers!

- Epic boss battles!

- Several exotic locations to do battle in, from a pirate tavern to an active volcano!

- Precise touch-screen controls that are simple to learn but hard to master. Unleash various combos and special moves, and deflect your opponents attacks with expert timing!

- Grow in power as you defeat your foes! Level up your ninja to discover new combos, increase your attack power, and more!

- Multiple difficulties, to accommodate players who are not actually REAL ninjas!

- Unlockable SURVIVAL mode after completing the main adventure!

- Listen to your own music in game!



Please update the game!! I can’t use it with version 11.3

Needs To Update

The game needs to be updated to work on iOS 11 so can that be fixed sometime soon, and also this game is great and you guys should make a sequel

Awesome game!!!!!!

This is one of mika mobiles best games, tied with zombieville 1 and just under zombieville 2. Mika mobile totally has to make a second omg pirates, or a game like it! I would definitely buy it!!!!


This game is totally cool get it

Want this app for free?

Get app trailers its free so dont need to worry about purchasing it, once u download it create an account enter the code "bassfreak" to get the itunes gift card its $10 so yea ^.^

Fun but repetitive
Token flip

Smooth controls, great animations but Needs to be updated for ios5. Graphics and gameplay are dated.


Good side scroll beat em up but retina display would be great

Good but no zombiville

Very good game fantastic animation but dosent have the boom quality that zombit ville had on me:(

Hot Ninja Arcade action - just plain fun

The original Mika Mobile game, it still stands as a testament to good gaming principles - good art that serves it's purpose, play that can be either simple or more involved, and of course plenty of satisfying punches! That being said, like the other Mika Mobile games (Zombieville series and Battleheart), it also has that one great game quality, making you wish for more. In this case I would say a new version might include: - Costume options, including female ninjas - One or two special equipment slots for items like flash bombs, etc - An option to use some kind of stealth Like all Mika Mobile games, a full-bore light RPG could easily be made from it. I don't expect to see one, but if there ever were I would buy it in a heart beat.


WOOO this game is ACTION PACKED and EXCITING!!! I LOVE it!!! They should add some kind of multiplayer mode like zombieville and have a store where you can buy more ninja weapons.