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Striking 3D VISUALS, GOD-LIKE WARRIORS and fearsome MYTHOLOGICAL BEASTS await in this breath-taking, TACTICAL ACTION MMO. Set amidst a brutal war for control of the sacred Mount Olympus, CONQUER ENTIRE ARMIES, COMMAND AN EMPIRE and UNLEASH THE WRATH OF THE GODS upon all who threaten your honor!
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OLYMPUS RISING is a F2P game where your battle strategies and tactical skills are key to building your massive empire and becoming a legend of Ancient Greece.

Like any great RPG, upgrade your heroes to conquer other players in online multiplayer battles and proclaim your power from atop the mythological peak of Mount Olympus.

Download this tactical action MMO for your phone or tablet, discover a world filled with ancient gods and mythology, and rise to glory!

- Witness the age of gods in stunning high-definition
- Command legendary heroes and turn them into gods of war, including - Zeus, Hades, Hercules, Prometheus, Ariadne, Odysseus, Helen of Troy, Cadmus, Achilles, Jason and Athena
- Recruit a formidable army and destroy rival hordes
- Summon ferocious mythological creatures including Minotaurs and Hydras
- Unleash your god-like rule from your kingdom on Mount Olympus
- Repel kingdom invaders using your strategic might
- Conquer Ancient Greek lands, forge an empire and earn ultimate prestige
- Form alliances with fellow conquerors and become as powerful as the gods


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Excellent Game

I have already 5 days playing this game and is so addictive, great graphics and play system. My Promo Code: PCORPKXOD

Should’ve render more higher quality!

So sad about the qualities of models. I hope they increase qualities for better experience and give us an options for render settings.

Great game or rubbish?

I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. No demands. Slow as you like. Difficulty is perfect. I wonder why I have to download 50MB everyday though. EVERY SINGLE DAY TO PLAY THE GAME. Sometimes two or three times a day! It is obviously a bug, instead of bringing out new updates that do nothing for the game why not fix the bug? You only get a one star from me for this!

My review

I like learn and playing as the Greek myths

Kurt Capio

I have tiny bit problem why i cant open my titan chest it says gain 1 million coins to unlock one titan chest and then it says break curse no gems paid and when i click the titan chest break curse it lost connection and i keep breaking the curse and didnt even work so how do i open my titans chest because i have 5 titans chest what do i do I NEED HELP AND UPDATE THIS TO FIX BUGS!!

Who lets these games exist?

This game is riddled with dangerous people and trackers. I’ve joined two separate teams that have one or two people who are violent as hell and never help the team. I’ve spent dollars beyond dollars on this game and it’s all gone now because I just randomly joined these teams and none of the devs helped me when I went on the forum. So yeah if you wanna depend on the devs for help after giving them tons and tons of money well don’t count on these guys.

loving it

I’ve been playing this game for 2 months and each day i love it more than yesterday. its a beautiful game. not needed to spend real money.. its so nice that i like to spend some money in it cuz its worth it... i recommend it for all โค๏ธ


Grandios toll wirklich Miete und klasse

Great but

I have played the game for a while but a lot of the Greek gods I like, Poseidon, Apollo, and Aries, aren’t in the game. The game has a good concept but the say the game is about Greek heroes and gods, yet they don’t even include one of the big three, Poseidon, or most of the other main twelve gods. Please add more gods and heroes, maybe add their “ sidekicks “ like for Hercules, Iacus. Thank you for the game.

Mythical Proportions

An amazing game that fills the craving for mythical escapism as a pantheon of gods and demigods.