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Twiz puts the fun in functionality! Simply pick a starting location (where you are) and then pick the place you want to get to. Mr. Wizard will promptly make fun suggestions about how to get there using Transportation. Mr. Wizard also estimates how long it will take to get there.. By tapping on the route, you get lots of helpful tips about the transportation system and you can share your experience of times and tips with other users.
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Travel $1.99 Laughing Place Communciations, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Imagine you are on your first trip to the Grand Floridian. You arrive at your hotel, unpack your bags and call your friends who happen to be staying at the Boardwalk Inn. You decide you want to meet for dinner at the Flying Fish café… but you don’t have a car, and you have no idea how to get to the Boardwalk from the Grand Floridian. You whip out your iPhone and the WDW Transportation Wizard comes to your rescue; promptly suggesting several routes involving boats, buses, or monorails. He even tells you how long it’s likely to take so you won’t be late for dinner. Thank you Mr Wizard!

Or, perhaps you are a veteran of Disneyworld and love planning daily itineraries. You plan your trip, making a careful schedule of where to eat and which parks to go to when. You decide that a fun day at the Hollywood Studios would really be nicely topped off by dinner at Chefs de France. But how long is it going to take to get there, and what is the funnest possible route (this is a vacation after all!)? You pop out your iPhone and fire up the OLP WDW Transportation Wizard who gives you several recommendations. Oh my gawrsh, I didn’t know you could take a boat from the Studios to Epcot! That sounds like fun! But I will have to allow at least 37 minutes for that trip so we better leave by 5PM to make sure we are in time for dinner at 6PM. Thank you Mr Wizard!

The OLP WDW Transportation Wizard puts the magic of trip planning in your pocket.

The OLP TWiz is based on a program written in 1998 using a proprietary technology. OLP Twiz has been thoroughly tested by thousands of happy users. You can see the original twiz at ourlaughingplace.com where it is still in use today. Lucky for you, you can now carry it around on your iPhone or Touch for ready access.

Review from meltdowndisney.com:
App alert: The OLP WDW Transportation Wizard for Walt Disney World is the best way you are going to invest 8 quarters. After searching for this functionality in a site, which I really thought I had seen, I noticed this app during a buying binge last week.
Even from my couch, I could figure out how to get from Pop Century to The (Real Fantasyland of) Grand Floridian for a pedicure, without scuffing my toes. Especially if you have a child who is committed to taking a particular mode of transportation, this app will give you best case scenario guesses on how long it will take get from point a to point b. Wish I’d had it on my last trips, as does the restaurant manager who smiled as I explained that we took a bus, then a boat to the character meal that was about to close, instead of a plain old bus, which according to “Twiz” would have saved us about 25 minutes. Did I mention it was $1.99? Yes, U.S. $1.99, but still. If you are traveling with a small group, one might suffice. If you are traveling with anyone in my family, make sure everyone has one (especially if you plan to split up for a few hours for naps or swimming) so you don’t have to share, or wait at the turnstile for that last little straggler getting off the boat. Saving time is saving Disney Dollars. Invest.



Perfect for determing best route via Disney transport! I can't attest to the accuracy of estimated times, but the route suggestions are spot on!

Walt Disney World Here I Come!

This is really easy to use. I can't wait to test it out in WDW later this month!

Great App!!

Great app!! I can always use help with transportation at WDW,

Not worth the money

I purchased this and wish I didn't I have checked quite a few scenarios and the results are all obvious

Not Very Useful

I found this App to be pretty useless if you are at all familar with the WDW transportation system. If it is your first visit, it could be helpful.

Big bug in program

The app failed the one time I really could have used it. I was at Hollywood Studios, and trying to find the best way to Downtown Disney. The results kept on navigating me to Animal Kingdom as the final stop! Extremely dissapointing and irritating.

Update Issue

I ran the update several times. Everytime I open the App store there is that damn update again. You stink.

Good app and still improving
Magical Frontier

Nice app for finding the best route between various places in WDW, particularly going from one resort to another. You usually have to change buses at least once. If you depend on Disney Transportation and you like to go to and from various resorts, this is a good app to have. Also good for estimating travel time so you don't miss your dinner reservation (ADR).

A little pricey !

Great app, but a smidge pricey ! I would still buy though due to helpfullness ! If you're unfamilliar with the disney transportation or navigation between places within Disney system, this app is for you ! Loved it and it took away alot of anxiey ! Step by step directions ! Genious !

Vacation test

I can't wait to try this app when I go to Disney on the 23rd. Will definitely review when I get back.

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