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Official QR Code reader "Q"

"Q" enables you to read small or sophisticated codes very quickly.
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Other than reading QR Code®, the app supports reading Barcodes and the FrameQR® which is newly developed by DENSO WAVE INC. The app is the newest official QR Code® reader which also includes functions such as, creating QR Code®, posting on SNS, and playing AR contents.

Function list
・QR Code Reader (Reads QR Code®)
・Barcode Reader (Reads barcodes)
・After reading barcodes, automatically generate links to product pages of Amazon and Yahoo! Shopping, and Google Search.
・Read FrameQR®
・Replay AR contents
・Preview Web sites
・Display confirmation messages
・Read / delete read history
・Copy read-out contents
・Send e-mail
・Post to Facebook
・Post to Twitter
・Post to LINE
・Create QR Code® (generated from the text, URL, contact, and/or a map)
・Compatible with URL Scheme (Direct launching from other apps)
Launch command is "densowaveq://"
・Compatible with URL scheme return value.

New function
・Optimization of QR Decode Engine.
・Chinese language (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) compatibility.
・Minor bug fixes.
ver 1.5.0
・Minor bug fixes.
ver 1.4(02/06/2015)
・The URL scheme has been supported.
ver 1.3(23/02/2015)
・The function to delete read-out history has been added.

*QR Code®、FrameQR® are registered trademarks of DENSO WAVE INC.
*DENSO WAVE INC. is a subsidiary of Denso Corporation.
*"Q" is joint-developed by DENSO WAVE INC. and Arara Inc.


Best QR Scanner App
Lundella Nightshade

As someone who has pretty much downloaded and tested every QR Scanner on the App Store, I can confirm that this is hands down the best QR Scanner App. (+) It has a nice interface design (+) Extremely fast scan results (+) Options for creating QR Codes (+) A good amount of settings (+) Best of all, No Annoying Ads or Subscription All the other apps are a mix bag and this is the only free one that gets it all done right.

Micro QR

Only free app I’ve found that scans Micro QR, and does it very fast.

Absolutely amazing

Anything I've scanned pulls up in seconds.


All I can say is amazing ,very easy and fast, Love It.

Broken out with voiceover
The Blind Wolf

This Outlook not work with voiceover now since the latest update in my way to report the bug