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• The biggest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers.
• List an item using your phone or tablet in as little as 30 seconds.
• Know who you’re dealing with through reputation and safety features.
• Browse local items with thousands of new postings daily.
• Message buyers and sellers securely from within the app.
• Build reputation with your unique seller profile page.
• Browse items by image and sort by category or location.
• Join millions of people using OfferUp across the country.

OfferUp is the easiest way to buy and sell locally.

"I have found several items at a great price on OfferUp, saving me tons of money"

"We offered up 3 items in minutes and sold them within 48 hours. Doesn't get much easier than that!"
- Summer

"I made $1,000 by offering up my daughter's unused items on OfferUp"
- Claudia


Excessive guidelines

Although it’s a great buying and selling app, the guidelines for “dangerous items” are over the top, including things like pepper spray and paintball guns. So people selling them have to choose a different app or they are stuck with them, and people buying them also have to use a different app or are stuck paying full price at a retailer.

Bad Developer!

The developer is abusing the messages function and does not give you the option to turn off reminders to spend you money on shopping. I want useful reminders that are only from messages from sellers/buyers. Not worthless annoying reminders. Here is the most recent spam message. Summer is winding down, and fall deals are heating up! 🔥 Shop now to save big! Is your home ready for fall?🍂 Shop furniture, décor and all kinds of cozy finds. Take advantage of the long weekend - shop now to save big! Apple, you really need to whip these developers into shape. Messages and alerts are no longer useful for users.


The only inquiries I got were scammers.

Need Better Structure
wizard love me

I Use To Love Offer Up And Went To It For Everything Until I Started Seeing How Shady The Site Was Your Either Getting Over Priced For Junk Now All I See On Offer Up Is SCAMS People Taking Pictures Of Cars Thats Not Theirs Meeting Up With Ppl Just To Take They Momey I Know THREE Ppl Who Have Experienced This Site Is DANGEROUS You Never Really Know Whats True Or Not Or Who Your Meeting Up With Ive Been Sold A Stolen Car With A Fake Title Very Untrustworthy

Too many bots

Trying to buy a car and everything i click on that isnt a dealership is stuff out of my price range or a bot saying that they are “in the military” and their “husband past away” or “divorced” and dont want to “pay for storage and insurance” and that they want you to buy through ebay. Also says items are in jacksonville but profile has them in a different state.

Complete morons and “customer” want everything for nothing

They are idiots and keep taking down my listing for a Louis Vuitton handbag saying it is not authentic. It’s a $1500 Bag and couldn’t be any more authentic. They shouldn’t accuse someone of something if they obviously don’t know their stuff! I get it people sell fakes on there, but then Offer Up should educate themselves on what real ones look like vs fakes before they take action. Twits! All the “buyers” on site are looking to offer close to nothing for valuable items. A complete waste of time listing as people just send ridiculously low offers that you have to respond to. I get it everyone wants a deal, but people need to be respectful of people’s time and the fact that no one is listing something to just give it away. Sellers just want to get at least a small portion of their original cost back. If buyers can’t respect that then they shouldn’t be there. It’s so rude.


Great app


Omg, I’m getting to that point where I am ready to uninstall this app. Everytime i post an item there’s a spam user sending a the heck? How???

Awesome when it works.

For local sales the app is fantastic. For shipping it is a complete hassle and inconsistent. They give you a shipping label for your package and in my case UPS didn’t scan that the package was received only when it was delivered (before estimated delivery date). Since they didn’t scan on arrival offerup canceled my sale even after buyer confirmed receiving it. Luckily buyer was trustworthy and after waiting weeks for customer service to help he eventually did me a solid and just paid through Venmo. Could of easily been scammed if it was any other buyer.

Nice App

Nice app easy to use and find people to buy and sale... keep it up...