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Off Road Army Oil Truck Drive

Army Oil Transport
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Let’s begin journey as army trucker and transport oil by driving 4x4 army oil tanker. Army oil truck is a driving game which simulates your driving skills as army truck driver with a duty of transporting huge 4x4 truck to respective destination is a given time limit.
Oil Truck Drive
Driving an oil or petrol truck has never been easy. You have to show skilled driving experience for this dangerous driving stunt. Because driving a transport truck to carriage goods or passengers is not a big task. But, oil tanker transport can laid down your life by single dodging with any hurdle with a result of huge explosion. So, while driving oil truck you have to prove yourself as attentive driver with skilled driving. Sim your driving skills with this transport oil truck game and get your feet in a show of real trucker of military.

Army Oil Truck
Army oil truck is a transporting game where you have to show deadly driving skills by driving army oil transport truck to the main base camp with offroad driving adventure. Let’s begin your journey with hilly off-roading and fulfill your task as expert army soldier who is ever ready to face every challenge. Now, your army base camp is under attack from the terrorist and you assign as elite army driver to drive army oil truck to transport fuel to battlefield. This oil use as a fuel for tankers and other vehicle which used against enemies at the time of combat. So, hurry up! Lets start driving army oil tanker and reach to destination before war let you up.
Off Road Driving Adventure
Beside a simulation of 4x4 army oil truck driving, a game gives you an adventure of real off road experience with a sim of hill climbing adventure. Where, you have to drive 4x4 army oil truck as elite military driver with ultimate driving skills. So start driving today with oil transport simulator with adventure of offroad trip around mountains.
Game Play
Army oil transport is a game with couple of driving stunts and simulation of oil transport. All you have to drive army oil tanker through the adventure of offroading with help of arrows, shows above your oil tanker. Try to reach destination before time by driving your truck with high nitro speed and transport fuel to the army base camp to protect your nation from evil attacks.
Army oil tanker is a play game with adventure seeker and off road lovers. If you love to drive throughout the sand dunes with a simulation of hill climbing then must download our extreme speed game today to deliver oil to respective location.
Army Oil Transport Features
Addictive surrounding with excellent featuring graphics.
Smooth and real 4x4 oil truck control.
Off road driving adventure.
Adorable graphics and hill climb simulation.
Limited time to transport oil.


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