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Octavian Pro is the Swiss Army knife of music theory apps! Featuring 550+ scales and 100+ chords, with deep options for viewing, listening, and cross-referencing, Octavian is the ultimate reference, learning, and teaching tool. Essential for all musicians, students, composers, and songwriters!
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Music $4.99 Scott Burgess iPhone, iPad, iPod

As seen in Keyboard Magazine (Jan 2010): "It's a cheat sheet no keyboardist should leave home without."

• SCALES - 550+ scales from around the world and through history. View any scale with any root note, in any mode, and examine the chords and harmony within the scale.

• CHORDS - 100+ chords including sevenths, elevenths, ninths, thirteenths. Invert chords and browse scales that include the chord.

• PROGRESSIONS - Compose 12-step chord progressions, with inversions, transposition, and added sevenths for each step.

• DICTIONARY - Enter notes on the keyboard to find the scales and chords that contain the notes!

• DISPLAY - Configure the note labels to show notes, intervals, degrees, steps, or solfège (iPad only).

• PLAYBACK - Choose tempo, octave, and repeat options for 12 high-quality instrument sounds to suit ear training, practice, or just hearing new harmonies.

A video tutorial is available at http://www.bitnotic.com/octavian.html


A must download now app!

Totally freakn cool that someone devised a scale/chord app for keyboard players. Haven't found any problems with any scales yet so I am assuming its accurate. This is an absolute no brainer to download. Best 3 bucks I ever spent.

EXCELENT Reference

Octavian is a very handy keyboard chord/scale reference that is perfect for the studio - quickly look up a chord/scale without stopping your workflow with the convenience of the iPhone/iTouch small footprint. App is quick, easy, and very hand for musicans of all calibre.

Sister Leesa

Wow! This is such a blessing to me. Thanks


This app is really helping me in my music theory class!! It's everything you need! It needs a feature tht allows you hear the scale though. Perhaps in an update?

Respectable app for serious musicians!

This is a solid app. I did not expect to get as much information from this app as I did. Very inclusive. This works great for theory or composition classes. There isn't anything bad to say about it. I think this app would be even better if it played the scales and chords for you. That would be great for practicing ear training. I would also like to see some common chord progressions. Awesome app and worth the money spent.

Good app

This is worth the money. It is a good reference tool for sure. Get and you will enjoy.

Circle of fifths

Great app but the circle of fifths traverse feature isn't working correctly. Its telling me that C major = F Major unless I'm totally mistaken it's suppose to be C major = A Minor. PLEASE FIX IT!!! Other than that it's the perfect app for my needs. Will promote. Keep developing it. ;)

Getting better

With the addition of piano sound, this is a great addtion to my attempt teach myself theory. My only issue with this app is that my fingers are to big to fit one key at a time. Outside of that design I look forward to this being a major tool.

Such a great concept, but

Scott, I do hope you read these reviews, and take this one as constructive criticism: the idea for this app is brilliant and is something I've been waiting for, but the interface is virtually unusable in its current iteration for anyone that has fingers that are average to bigger size. My fingers are average, and I find this app such a chore to use. I do not exaggerate when I say that it took me no less than 10 tries to hit the question mark and i button. Just awful. And I'm constantly hitting the wrong buttons in the app otherwise. I love the idea of this app. Please improve the UI.

Great Reference Tool

If you are looking for a great reference tool for the piano, this is it. It provides enough scales and chords to keep you busy learning for hours. I set my Itouch on my piano, choose the scale and start practicing, much easier than using a book or trying to figure out the scales on my own. Every bit worth $2.99.