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NY Lottery is free iOS app published by New York State Lottery



Every time I go to get on this app I have to sign it no problem except it never takes my current password makes me go through another password set up! Then it say password Successful.... login.... Then it won’t take the Password I just created that it said was successful. This happens over and over I’m just about had it with this game. It shouldn’t be happening every time for five times to get on. I don’t have all day to wait on the phone to be transferred to five different people . Anyone else having this problem?

Doesn’t update jackpot levels at all

The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every time I open the app it shows what the jackpots were for over 1 month ago. It just refuses to update. The app isn’t completely useless as you can still find info on the different games including the winning numbers. I just don’t understand how this app is so poorly written that it doesn’t show up to date jackpot levels.



Fix asap keeps crashing

Incorrect scans


The app scanner doesn’t give correct results !!! I scanned my tickets and it told me no winner but I kept them and when I went to scan at local store my tickets gave me $$ wins... so please double check your numbers!!!!

Scanner Doesn’t Work


The scanner scans anything not just a barcode. I held it up to the numbers section of my ticket and it buzzed but did not get the barcode. I tried as many times as possible before it maxed me out. Worthless

Won’t scan my tickets!!


I downloaded the app so I could scan my lotto tickets. The scans fail every time. So frustrating!



Crashes after last update

Major Bug


Can’t even get into the app anymore since the last update on my iPhone XR


Allejames ny

Sometimes this app works fine and other times you will end up spending twice as much time as it takes you to go to the store, provided the store is 15 minutes away. What a mess.



This app has always sucked. Half the time you can’t get the QuickDraw to work. I was excited to get the scanner, but now that doesn’t even work. You’d think with the amount of money the NYS lottery draws in, it’s have a half way decent app. Nope.