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This is the official application from the New York Lottery. It displays the winning numbers, the prize charts and odds for all of the Lottery’s draw games, a Lucky Numbers random number generator, live Quick Draw drawings, and the current jackpots for Lotto, Powerball, and Mega Millions. This version features a new multi-state draw game called MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB.
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Entertainment Free New York State Lottery iPhone, iPad, iPod

View winning numbers for all draw games
Check current Jackpot Amounts
Random number generator for each game
View prize charts for all draw games
Watch Quick Draw Drawings
View Quick Draw Hot & Cold Numbers
QR Code Scanner
Retailer Locator


Old tickets

How far back will the scan go on old tickets?

App functions

This app is completely horrible I’ve been creating and trying to log in and get the same results of problem logging in try again using the password I just created, whoever reads this do not waste your time completely horrible.

Worst lottery app
NB Flor

You have to create an account to scan tickets. You can only scan 10 tickets a day!!! The retailer separated my tickets without asking so now I have to wait 2 days to scan them. Take a lesson from the California Lottery app.

Not recommended for subscription players

I installed this app thinking it would give me the same functionality as the mynylottery.org web site except with a better user experience but it was not that at all. The app does not recognize login credentials used on subscriber website, does not show status of subscriptions, winning history, etc.

Missing Game Draws

This app would be great, if every drawing was shown, but drawings are frequently missing.

Scanner is garbage

I’ve tried using the scanner on 2 different phones, one android and one iPhone. Neither works. What’s the point of having a scanner within the app that doesn’t work??

Very bad app
Halema kasrat

Bad bad very bad

Why can I Only scan ten a day?

What I don’t understand is why is there a cap on scratch offs to scan???? Why a limit at all? Weird

Buggy app
the vice prez

The app is buggy and lags at best. The dates of jackpots as mentioned by another review hardly updated with any consistency and you have to refresh in the hopes of seeing the latest numbers. The 2 Stars if for the scanner which typically works fairly smoothly.

Slow a stupid limitations

First, why only 10 scratcher scam per day. Reason, they don’t want you to check all your tickets. CA lotto for example lets you check as many as you want on their app per day, so you never miss checking. Second, the app is super slow at checking barcodes, avoid 1000 times slower than the CA litter app.

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