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Nude Runner

Let's run naked !
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Can you run at least 30 seconds without being caught ?

Now you can challenge the wolrd via Game Center & Open Feint.

Already 500.000 downloads over the world
we were
#1 in Australia
#1 in Finland
#10 in Japan
and in top 100 in many countries

Here is what users said :

-"love it play it everyday"
-"very very very addictive"
-"that naked dude is simply hilarious!"
-"This game is so addictive"
-"Awesome app, get it!"

Let's run naked, it's free !


Amanda F.

I feel stupid but uh... How do you move the character around? It should come with instructions of some sort.

No good
Razorhog Nate

Boring game


So dumb.

This app... Wow...

This app has a better rating average than the girl version of nude runner. Please, someone, tell me what this means.

Great concept, but...
Daniel Parker

What's the point in calling it NUDE runner if the fun parts are covered by a black bar or blur of legs?

Oh my...!

This game has to be the worst game I have ever played. Ever ever. It's just sooooooo boring and pointless. And I think that it is appropriate for anyone below 17, too. I mean come on, you see worse things on the television every day...


This game is horrible it is totally pointless n they dnt even show ne thin

5 STARS!!!!!!!

5 stars for retina display!!!!!

TC Jet fan

As bad as the girl version!!!!!'

It is awesome

It's funny Play it every day Keep making apps like this