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Remote control
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Photo & Video Free chengli xu iPhone, iPad, iPod

The smart phone or tablet can be a super-convenient controller to control your camera.
Rapid adjust the camera’s settings, start / stop , mode switching, and checking the battery status .
It is especially suitable for the camera fixed on other devices when filming, because you can't reach the camera. In addition, real-time preview function lets you observed the images in the lens, so that you can confidently to shoot.

View & playback
No need to wait until go home, you can view and playback the content of the shooting: See your last skiing in the cable car seat. Back to the beach immediately appreciate yourself the best surfing.

In addition, you can view and delete the content, free more space, to store more highlights.

Share your Wonderful Life
Copy or download the photos and videos to the intelligent mobile phone or tablet computer from the camera, This is a great way, through the mail, SMS, Instagram and Facebook, to share the wonderful moment with friends from all sides.


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