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NoteMaster is paid iOS app published by Kabuki Vision, LLC

Make iPhone’s Native Notepad


Best Note app. That said this app hasn’t updated itself in the 8-10 years (I’ve used it) that’s added anything new for the individual using it. I’d like more font, paper selections & What I’d really like to see is this app to give me access to everything & anything I’ve ever written down even if I’ve deleted it. That possible ?

Need Some Additions

Cho chun

This app has potential, but needs more additions. For example, it should have more formatting capabilities, exporting capabilities, inline photos, and internal note linking/back linking. I like the clarity of the notes and background changes. It would be nice to work on notes in PC and synchronized them to the app.



One of the best note taking apps I’ve used, I love this app!


M icloud

NoteMaster rocks because allows me to sync notes as google docs format to my google drive. Also, the drawing feature needs an eraser tool, there are no undo buttons to undo stroke lines or marks when drawing or marking images. Please keep updating this app because we love it so much!!!

Wasted my money


The app will not go full screen on tablet? Then, please don't list it as compatible with this device.

The Best Notes app


Love this notes app with its many features and customizations. Still runs after all these years on ios.

My long time favorite


I’ve used NoteMaster on iPhone and iPad for years and it’s been my favorite note app. Especially for easily keeping track of all kinds of notes including campsites with photos, favorite meals, camera settings, to name a few.

I have really liked this app, but


But having cursor placement problems on my imac on a few browsers so i have to keep rebooting my browser to stop this bug. Annoying. Support appears to be non existant.

Okay but needs locking feature


I’ve used it for years and it is a basic note app which is fine for my needs but recently it is getting difficult to cut and paste with iPhone 12. It could use a lock feature to protect from accidental deletion of a note (this recently happened and there was no undelete feature I could find). It would also be nice to have an edit lock feature that would stop editing a note but still have check boxes functional.

Still Dependable

1Pink Rose

I have had this App for many years now and I still have my Journal Notes. I really love the flexibility of the app and I can always depend on it for all of my important notes, and I love being able to add photos to my notes...