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NoteMaster Lite is free iOS app published by Kabuki Vision, LLC

I wanna write!


I like to write on my iPod. At first it's awesome but then U CAN ONLY MAKE 7 NOTES!!!! I don't want to buy more crap! Give me great but free APPLE STORE!

Lite version not great for google docs

T-Nut Butter

For the light version of this app the number of documents is extremely limited for syncing with Google Docs. And on top of that it kept freezing when I was syncing it. Had to uninstall the app twice not going to reinstall. Maybe I'm missing something?

NoteMaster Lite


I don't really consider NoteMaster and AwesomeNote to be competitors, though I suppose they are. AwesomeNote obviously has a prettier, more decorative interface, but I do like the additional features of NoteMaster. I use NoteMaster for school notes, and AwesomeNote as a personal diary-type thing. But there is a glitch I found that makes the previous notes (including the "How to Use NoteMaster" notes and such) disappear and now there is just the "All Notes" category with -1 as the note count. Weird...

Too bad


This app has the features that apps like Awesome Note are missing: headers in bold type, bullets, numbered lists, etc. Now if only the UI were upgraded to make the app more appealing on the eyes... If it were, they'd have a true winner and I would definitely upgrade to the full version. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem very likely. Even the best programmers fail (at times) to realize they could benefit from the services of a talented graphic designer.



I didn't think I'd find my self using it as much as I do, actually, I now use the full version..outstanding :) probably the most helpful app on my phone..I suggest getting the full version

Limited Number of Notes


You can only create a small number of notes before you get messages saying 'you have reached the limit of number of notes allowed -- purchase the full version to create more notes'. I wish I had know this before I wasted my time using what was stated as 'free'.

Just doesn't work

Steve Urbana

I created a category and test note. Sync'd with Google docs and it was created there. But after changing the doc on Google docs and re-syncing, the app did not fetch the changed doc! Is this their idea of syncing? Also, the sample notes did not download to Google docs. Have used Amaxing Notes for a long time, and I can safely say that it is mountains better than NoteMaster.



Great app



How can we delete the tutorial notes?Other than that,it's awesome!

Just for Starters


Notice that the reviews for the pay version of this app are much higher—4½ stars. This free/lite version, like most lite apps, is only here to let you try before you buy, hence the limit of 7 notes. The full version is well worth the small price.