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Create amazing notes with ease. Sync with Dropbox or Google Drive.
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Productivity Free Kabuki Vision, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

== This is the LITE version of the NoteMaster app, and it is limited to 7 notes ==

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"NoteMaster is going to revolutionize the way that you take notes on your iPhone." - The Daily App Show

"I was surprised how powerful it was...there are just so many practical uses for what you can do with it." -The Appcast

“The best note app we’ve found” (8/10) -MobiRiot

"I’d rather use this than either Quick Office or Documents to Go. That’s saying something." -Just Another Geek Site
Text, Images, Lists, Headers, Photos,'ll never be limited to boring notes again!

• Images, photos and drawings can be inserted right inside the note.
• Easy creation of bulleted lists, numbered lists, checkbox lists.
• Bold text headings can be used to organize the note contents into logical sections.
• Choose from a stunning variety of note backgrounds and fonts.

• Syncs with either Dropbox or Google Drive.
• AUTOMATIC SYNC when you open or close the app. No need to remember to manually sync!
• Use the app normally while syncing occurs in the background!
• Notes synced with Dropbox are synced as .docx files and can be edited with Microsoft Word 2007 or later.
• Notes synced with Google Drive are synced as Google Docs documents and can be viewed/edited online.
• Multiple devices running NoteMaster can share notes by syncing with the same account.

• Keep your notes organized with categories.
• Categories can be locked with a passcode for privacy.
• Find notes quickly using the full-text search.

• E-mail notes as rich HTML e-mails.
• Print note to any AirPrint compatible printer.
• Share notes on Twitter or Facebook (requires iOS 6.0 or later)

Perfect for:
• General note taking • Meetings • Shopping • Journals • Scrapbooks • Business •


Amazing, just what I was searching for

Been looking for something that backs up to Dropbox and/ or Google Drive for a while. Was expecting something very basic but this app is beautifully done. So many options and organizes lists into categories (i.e. Camping-Tent-Essentials (checklist) etc). The subcategorization feature is so hard to find in other apps. It's usually just basic lists but not this one. This app does it all! Plus no more losing hard work since it's backed up. I will actually be paying for full version because I feel it's more than worth it.

Hands down best note app

I tried about 10 different apps and every one seemed to miss one or two features that I wanted... And I tried this one and it had everything I wanted

I've been looking for this!

If you wanted a simple and easy app for saving notes and pictures, this is a great app for you! The only thing is that it crashes....does anyone know how to delete the sample notes??? Please help!!!!!!!


This is a great app that I've been looking for :D


This is an excellent app but really, a 7 note limit? You couldn't make it ten?


It keeps me so organized:) during my online classes I'll just use this and microphone so I can take notes with my voice when the teachers going to fast :) Or I use it as a planner for what to do in each class, I feel so much more organized and never get behind:)


Does not sync Google Docs as advertised. Junk software.

The best

The app is really fantastic. I think I tried out every other app out there and came back to this one. A few things I wish I found in this app: -maps ( voice notes would be nice too) - direct file sharing with iTunes -ability to use diff color texts within one note, or at least choose different colors for the header -nicer UI with themes...or at least the ability to change the toolbar color. The boring navy really detracts from my pretty pink notes

Very wonderful app!!

문서 작성, 제목 굵기 조절 가능, 사진, 이미지 삽입 및 삭제 가능... 이 정도면 왠만한 간이 워드프로세서나 마찬가지~~~~ 거기다 무료! Thank you for your free app. !!!

Limited !!!! To 7 notes
جوني ٧٧٧

Dont download waste of time

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