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NoteDetector 2 (This Week In Tech's) • Pick of the Week!
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Music $4.99 SwampTech iPhone, iPad, iPod

• NoteDetector is the one and only way to discover musical notes on your iPhone or iOS device.
• Record yourself singing humming and NoteDetector will analyze that recording and display the notes!
• NoteDetector not only shows you the notes but can also lay them out on a guitar fretboard or display the notes right on a keyboard.
• Now you can easily turn those great musical ideas you get throughout the day into actual music.
• Use note detector to help figure out your favorite songs.
• See exactly where to put your fingers on your guitar or keyboard!
• Save your recordings when the inspiration hits you and get back to them later.

This is version 2.0! NoteDetector has been in the Apple App Store since version 1.0 in 2009!
We are working hard to make NoteDetector better all the time! Stay tuned for free updates!


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