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In a world where it has become almost impossible to trust the truth of the news we receive from thousands of different sources. Where the spread of fake news and alternative facts has become unstoppable.And having real world consequences. In this world, we need to turn to ourselves, to our collective intelligence, our wisdom of crowds, to filter the good, the bad and the ugly.
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We can no longer depend on the handful of media companies that control all mainstream news outlets. Nor can we rely on the share-obsessed alternative media to decide what is news and what is not. We are left with no choice, other than to figure it out for ourselves.

News Or No News is for everyone who wants to help sort the real from the fake. The frivolous from the serious. And the bullseye from the bullsh*t. Now Anyone with an opinion can influence the news flow. Resulting in the two feeds. One with what we all think is real news and one with what is not.

News or No News is not perfect, but at least it’s ours.


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