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Features include:
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Bring back the comments section. My cardiologist says it’s healthy to vent.

Very informative

Keeping up with the virus info made easy

The best newspaper

I live in NJ


Great news updates

One star

Your content is all clearly too one sided politically. Please just report the news and allow the reader to form their own opinion.

chris sap

It needs more features, better notification, and a new design

Five Stars ⭐️

Best app for NJ news!

If it bleeds it leads

I know that there is a crisis at the moment, but the media persist in leading with whatever is the most sensational


Can we please see pics of the hospital wards teeming over with SARS virus victims . Can we please see the ongoing interviews with people standing in emergency lines waiting to be tested . Finally can we hear from the patients who were saved from Corona with Chloroquine usage. Since the internet including Facebook & YouTube are now being unfairly censored we cannot rely on projected models but need to see pictures -( no longer from Italy & photochopped for the USA . ) but from the alleged front lines . Thank you—


Removing the ability to comment on articles is just another way to silence opposition to the left wing media’s agenda. It’s easy to see why it was done, being that the vast majority of comments were critical of the “progressive” policies constantly being pushed by nj.com. And I’m not even going to get into the constant Trump bashing and seeming inability to treat the man with a shred of objectivity. And no, I’m not a Republican.