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Ninja Attack - Naruto Shippuuden Version

Ninja Attack - Naruto Shippuuden Version is a classic fighting games, remind players of childhood memories! Free classic arcade fighting game, now enjoy your iOS equipment!
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Violent blow cool feeling, exquisite picture of the game, the story of ups and downs, allowing the player to smooth cool high-quality action game. Like action game not to be missed! In the chaos of street fighters, we are waiting! are you ready?

Game features:
- A challenging arcade game
- Good quality music
- Endless Games
- Endless fun adventure
- The classic Street Fighter environment.
- Special moves.
- Simple and easy to control.


Yolo fam Fav Game

Get the game! It's really fun!

Great but one big prob...

Overall, it's a great game but on the third level, even after I beat Kabuto, it won't let me go on to the next level. I will sit there forever and nothing will happen, except that I jump around and waste my chakra, doing aimless attacks at nothing. Please, please, PLEASE fix this problem.

Too Many Ads
Mach Keys

Dope concept & gameplay. I really like the Metal Slug gfx style & gameplay they used. I would be playing this alot, but all the ads get annoying and makes it feel like there may be viruses attached. Dumped it for now.