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GET FIT WITH THE NEW NIKE+ TRAINING CLUB – Your personal trainer. Designed by Nike. Powered by friends.
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Health & Fitness Free Nike, Inc iPhone, iPad, iPod

Choose from over 100 workouts by Nike Master Trainers, get motivation from your crew and train better together.

Create your Nike+ profile, add friends and train anywhere, anytime, together.

Get inspired with workouts led by Nike pro athletes and designed by Nike Master Trainers. Follow the new N+TC feed for tips from the trainers, cheers from friends and much more.

Capture all your workout moments. Take photos, customize them and post them to your social networks.

Stream N+TC workouts from your phone to a TV or tablet using AirPlay or HDMI cable.

Get lean, get strong, or get toned. Whatever your training goal, commit to a 4-week program and integrate Nike+ Running to reach those goals faster.

Only download the workouts you want. Then customize them and choose drills that are right for your body.

Measure your hard-earned effort by number of workouts, minutes, average calories and NikeFuel.

Now supporting languages for Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, USA, UK, Italy, Taiwan, France, Spain, China, Germany, Russia, and Japan.
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Keeps crashing but I love the workouts!

What's the point of an app if it requires you to uninstall and reinstall every time you wanted to use it? Allow me to exaggerate, but it's almost like you wanted a glass of water, but got some reason the water isn't running in your home so you have to go dig a well. And what is with the incessant prompts to log in with nike, confirm your email, connect to Apple health? Maybe it's related to my app crashing all the time... But still.... Stop tracking me! Stop crashing! Just let me do my darn workout, lord knows it's hard enough for me to work up the motivation already. My app symptoms: I would click on a workout (from either the workouts section or as part of a program), it would load and play and I would think all is well in the kingdom. But lo and behold the fifteen - second rule! It just craps out majorly- the app closes, and I'm left with my home screen. Soooo what do I do? I delete the app and re install it. While I was just about to settle into my yoga mat and go into downward dog. Instead, I gotta download the stupid app and re sign in again. This would be a one star review if I didn't like the app so much when it does work.

Achievements Image

When selected to share on social, limited info on pic. For example: only shows “3x” instead of “3x/week”…

Great versatile app.
LN 70

This app is easy to use and it offers so much variety. I can always find a good workout. It works seamlessly with my Nike Apple Watch.

The screen consistently freezes

This app is life changing but consistently freezes these days. Please do something about it.

iPad app?

This app, which I’ve just begun using, seems to be great, and I look forward to using it. However, please consider having a form that is specifically for the iPad. Yes, this iPhone app shows up on my iPad, but is small. I have some visual difficulties that make doing/reading things on my phone problematic. Thus, I am a heavy iPad user, and I can tell that if this app were adapted to the iPad, in addition to the phone app, it would be so much easier to use for the somewhat visually impaired. Please consider this. Thank you.

Great App!
Thad Donovan

This app is perfect. It has lots of workouts of varying degrees of difficulty as well as different types of exercise. It also includes workouts that don’t require any equipment as well as some that do utilize equipment if you happen to have it. The workouts that I’ve done are not super long so it doesn’t take too much time out of your day.

Amazing programs

I just recently started to work out and I’m at the beginner level. Their beginner trainings are so good and doable. I like how in some workouts you choose to move to the next step rather than having a hard time following the instructor. The mobile app is good and I wish they had it developed for tablets too. On tablet you can expand it on portrait but not on landscape mode. If they make it tablet compatible the app is definitely would deserve 5 stars.

Recent update - Can't Open

I've used this app quite a bit and enjoy it, but recently it freezes on the home screen. Can't get past it at all. Update: Still after signing out, deleting and redownloading...this app freezes every single time upon opening, rendering it completely unusable.

Love it
Naples mom

Love the workouts so much! I have favorite trainers and everything. Much better than Beachbody workouts.


Love you NTC , you’ve changed my routine ❤️