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If you have an iPhone 5S, Nike+ Move is the simplest way to capture your every move, and motivate you to move more.
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Exclusively for use with iPhone 5S, Nike+ Move to converts your movement into NikeFuel, the first-ever single, universal unit for measuring all kinds of activities. No matter your age, weight or gender, the same activity earns you the same amount of NikeFuel. And, because it uses the M7 coprocessor found in iPhone 5S and low-power location services (not GPS), this motivating all-day tracking experience won't run down your iPhone 5S battery.

Nike+ Move offers insight into when you move, how you move and where you move - and lets you challenge your friends to see who moves more.

Win the day by beating your NikeFuel average and watch your goal ring change from Red to Green.
See when you are most active throughout the day and how you’re doing compared to yesterday.
Move more often and win as many hours as you can throughout the day.
See how you moved through the day with a breakdown of running, walking, and other movement.
See where you're moving and where you move the most each day.
Check out how you compare against your Game Center friends or other Nike+ Move users near you.

*Note: iPhone 5S is required to get motivated with Nike+ Move.


Great App... it also needs to be updated

I really like this app. The only issue is that I cannot swipe past the 3rd slide. It always crashes. I look forward to the updates!

iPhone X crashing

Keeps crashing on the iPhone X please fix otherwise looks fun

Tina Porto

I’ve an iphone SE, iOS 11.2.1 and when I slide the pages the app crashes :(

Force quit
abdallah helmy

Why the app is force quit in iphone 7 ?

Alexandre Mello

Não gostei da solução , esperava maior riqueza de detalhes e facilidade na navegação

Doesn't always record activity!

Doesn't always record activity!

Doesn't track correctly.

I use Nike+Move, this app, and Nike+Fuel. Using Nike+Fuel only proves to me that Nike+Fuel does not track properly.

Could use some improvements

Love the app when it works. Not consistent in tracking activity on an everyday basis.

Applewatch... please??

I just got a Nike Applewatch only to find out this app isn't available on it........ huh?????


Nice app

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