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Nightmare of a Hospital

Nurse May fell asleep during her duty time this evening. When she woke up,she was in a dark room.She managed to find the switch of the power and found that she was in the surgery room.It was all slience around and all the others,are missing...
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What happened in this empty hospital? There was full of creepy eerie atmosphere and make her can't breath.May thought she should escape urgently.But apparently,the door out of here is locked...
How To Play
Touch any interactive postion on the screen to control May's move. Touch the position where you think may have clues to get items or interact with them.Some items can be combined,so make a reasonable use of them.
Legend says that in midnight,where a place with no people there in the hospital will appear the ghost. Will May be able to get rid of the pester of the ghost and escape from all this? Let's look forward to your wisdom and courage. Come and try it!


ends too soon

no message of completion or to be continued... just darkness...

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