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The latest game in the NieR series arrives on mobile devices!
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Games Free SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

NieR Re[in]carnation is a command-action RPG for mobile devices from Square Enix and Applibot.


- Story / It is a place called The Cage.
A girl awakens on a cold stone floor.
She finds herself in an infinitely vast place filled with buildings that touch the very sky.
Guided by a mysterious creature who calls herself Mama, she begins to explore her new surroundings.
To reclaim what she has lost—and atone for her sins—she sets off on a journey through this place of unknown creation.
...A place known as The Cage.

- Character Info
When the girl came to, she was collapsed on the stone floor of The Cage. Though she is kind and has a bright personality, she wears a collar and bandages for reasons unknown, and is plagued each night by horrible dreams.

The Girl of Light
A mysterious creature who calls herself Mama. She seems to know something about The Cage, and acts as a guide for the girl.

The Dark Monster
A strange being that wanders The Cage. It resembles a knight in armor, but also a speechless insect. Regardless, it seems to have some kind of goal...
Battles play out by issuing commands to your characters.

- Battle
This game includes an auto mode that makes your characters attack enemies all on their own, making it easy for people who aren't as skilled at video games to join in and play as well.

Producer:Yosuke Saito
Creative Director:Yoko Taro
Director:Daichi Matsukawa
Main Character Design:Akihiko Yoshida(CyDesignation, Inc.)
Concept Art:Kazuma Koda
Music:Keiichi Okabe(MONACA INC.)

- This game contains some paid items that are available for purchase.
Purchasing said items may incur additional charges.

- Recommended environment: iPhone 7 or later


Great game, but…

Please add controller support.

The game is good. But it’s a gacha.

I’ve decided that I’m not wasting my money or my time on games like this anymore. Back in the point of my life where I loved this game I thought the story was phenomenal. I loved the characters and everything else going on within the game. As time went on however it’s extremely obvious the people in charge of the game are trying to get as much money as they can from the individuals who are fans of the Nier franchise. I’ve noticed this not only within this game but also main stream gaming as well. It seems Square Enix is sucking Yoko dry to get as much money as possible from him because he was lucky with a game that was popular (Nier Automata). If you’re still reading this you will find a fun game for however long it takes you to do the storylines for the numerous characters. That said, it will run out. It’s basically a constant grind fest that you can play in the background of your other favorite mobile game. It was fun while I played it for awhile, but as I said I’m dropping it. I’ll just watch the important story lines from YouTube or something else that is much less taxing. The reason I give it a 3 out 5 is due to them trying to drain their player base of money. It seemed like every two weeks they had some sort of event that would benefit you if you spent money and it just felt scummy to me so I have decided to quit it all together.

Not Recommended

All I can say is this: The game has a decent storyline and can become addictive until you realize that it’s a trap! Other than the games major bugs (crashes and instability), the game likes to crash on both platforms (android and iOS), while they have replied to the issues, the workarounds don’t solve the issues. Also, I have 2 issues with this game: balance and drop rates that remind me of a few mmos, and there are other matters that just don’t make any sense. Throwing content and not fixing the current issues, I am ready to uninstall this game and say forget it. The bottom line: I don’t recommend wasting time or bothering with this game. Not unless you are willing to endure the hardships and dragging of their feet, I feel like the developers don’t seem to care.

It should have a controller mode!!

It needs one please!!

Controller support

I hope it is a reasonable request to ask for controller support for nier

Game froze up on me
Fynbos scuff

Can’t play game no more, it froze up on me on the “News” page. Tried rebooting but no good…

Crashes too much

No complaints about the story and gameplay itself, I really liked it. Missed out on the Replicant event so I hope there is a rerun soon. But the game is incredibly buggy and constantly crashes, even though I have plenty of free space and a decent device running it.

Johnny b cool

So yes it’s pretty and sounds good but compared to the other NieR games the gameplay itself is just meh, especially the combat. You’re basically just watching rather than playing, so yeah it’s disappointing. Update: after reviewing I lost all my data so thanks for that. DELETE

Controller Support Please

This game would be even better with controller support!!

Nier For Life!

Nier has been gorgeous from the start. All games leading up to this are amazingly designed. Nier, Nier: Automata, Nier Replicant all have a high replay value.

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