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You asked. We listened. NFL Fantasy Football is all-new for the 2014 season. Better. Faster. Redesigned. Available for iPhone and iPad. The official Fantasy Football app is your ultimate free fantasy football companion on the go.
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Sports Free NFL Enterprises LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Featuring the best gameday experience, FREE LIVE SCORING with VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS and PUSH NOTIFICATIONS!

Plus LIVE DRAFTS ON THE GO! Draft now from your favorite fantasy app.

Features Include:
- LIVE DRAFT: Draft your team in-app, with support for standard, auction, live draft lobby and mock drafts.
- JOIN AND CREATE LEAGUES: Join and start playing fantasy football in just a few minutes.
- VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Exclusive to NFL Fantasy, the only fantasy football app to feature video highlights of all your key plays.
- LIVE SCORING: Follow your teams and players in real time.
- SET YOUR LINEUP: Start or bench players on the go.
- TRANSACTIONS: Improve your team with players adds, drops and trades.
- PLAYER NEWS: Get your NFL Now - official stats, news and injury updates, direct from the NFL.
- EXPERT ANALYSIS: Access the latest news and analysis from NFL Fantasy Football experts
- MANAGE MULTIPLE TEAMS: Access and control all of your Fantasy teams and leagues.
- PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Receive free trade, league chat, live scoring and roster alerts pushed to your device.
- PLAY MORE NFL FANTASY GAMES: Playoff Challenge, Perfect Challenge, Weekly Pick'Em and more are accessible from the app.


App Crashes

Have used this app for the last 5 years and has always worked great. This new update needs bugs fixed. Switching screens takes forever sometimes never loads and eventually gives a “something went wrong” error, which I have to force quit the app and restart sometimes it’s fixed for a bit sometimes I have to force quit numerous times. Can’t click on more than one tab consecutively or it freezes up. Sometimes the app won’t even open. Happening to numerous people in our league. Some people got autodrafted because the app crashed. Needs these bugs fixed and it will be 5 stars again

I love the app but the game crashes all of the time
Best many

This app has a problem with crashing when you enter the app, i will be looking at free agents and then boom, my screen turns black and it returns to my home screen.

App performance

Can’t stay longer than 1 minute. App shuts down on me. No updates available to try to fix the problem.

Won’t login

I’ve reset my password several times and it still will not log me in using the same info that works for using the safari app.

Sign in!!!
Rob in Iowa

I just updated this app and know it keeps saying failed to open...Drafting soon!!!

Issues with the new update

Everytime i look to add a player since y’all updated this it always freezes on me

Weekly pick em

Why did you guys get rid of weekly pick em for 2019!?!?!? Not everyone is into fantasy football, some people like the simplicity of just picking weekly games. Super disappointed. 🤬🙄

Cory Loy

The new app looks very nice and seems to have some very easy features. However they still have not fixed the issue of making important league changes from the Mobile app, such as removing teams and changing commissioners.


Keeps crashing


I have been using NFL fantasy app for years. They have made many changes to the app since I started using it. Originally I liked how they had the setup, it was easy to use and not to complicated. Over the past two years they changed the app which made it difficult to understand navigate as everyone in my league were disappointed with the new outcome. This upcoming NFL season (2019-2020) they redid the app once again. The app is much better and really easy to understand l. My leagues favorite part is the access to the “comment board” or the feed.