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Let your crypto work for you with Nexo
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Finance Free Nexo Capital Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

The Only All-in-One Secure Crypto Banking Account:

• Instant Crypto Credit Lines: Instant Access to Cash Without Selling Your Crypto

• High-Yield Savings: Earn up to 10% Interest on Your Idle Funds

• Insured Personal or Business Crypto Account: Securely Store, Receive and Pay with Crypto

Nexo is a licensed and regulated financial institution and the world's largest and most trusted crypto lender with more than $1.5 billion already processed for 550,000+ users around the world.

Nexo is the only insured crypto account that lets you borrow instantly in 45+ fiat currencies and earn daily interest on your idle assets.

How It Works:


-> Step 1: Deposit Crypto to Your Secure Nexo Account

• Guaranteed by $100 million Crypto Insurance Policy
• 100% Secured by Leading Audited Custodian BitGo


-> Step 2: A Flexible Credit Line Becomes Instantly Available

• Min $10 / Max $2,000,000
• Automated Approval Guaranteed
• No Credit Checks
• Interest from 5.9% per Year (APR) on What You Use
• No Installments. No Minimum Repayments
• Additional credit is automatically and instantly available upon appreciation of your crypto’s value


-> Step 3: Same/Next Day Free Local Bank Withdrawals

• Available Worldwide in 200+ Jurisdictions
• 45+ Fiat Currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, etc)
• No Hidden Fees. No FX commissions!


-> Step 4: Spend Using Your Free Nexo Card (coming soon)


-> Earn Daily Interest On Your Assets

• High-Yield Savings & Passive Income
• 100% Asset-Backed Guarantee
• Compounding Interest Paid Daily
• Withdraw Assets at Any Time


-> Receive, Send and Pay with Crypto

• Manage Your Assets in the Insured Crypto Banking Nexo Account


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Super clunky ui

Advertising and marketing this service hard. They claim the ability to buy instantly with a credit card. They don’t mention this is not available in the US almost anywhere. Transparency is key with crypto they get simple things wrong they will be deceptive about other things. Hard flush on Nexo. #Delistnexo

Do not place any crypto in Nexo

Recently Nexo has enacted a policy where if you go at any point into New York they will put your account under review and hold your interest payments. Even if you are from another state they will hold your funds until you provide more KYC information . However even after providing the information showing you are not a New York resident they will continue to freeze your assets and even lock you out of your account permanently .


This app is a complete scam! I submitted all the proper documents and they still have my funds unavailable for withdrawal! Don’t trust these scam artists!

Fast customer support

I recently lost my access to my account due to the 2 factor authentication. Send an email to support and ask for help. Very fast response and clear instruction. I was able to access my account again after provided information that Nexo require. This help me gain more confidence and will continue to recommend my friends to use it.

absolutely exceptional
durian man

Most people love this Nexo App. any complaints are made by people with alterior motives. I have used this company for couple of years and rate it FIVE star. They offer 10 percent interest on stable coins!

Random loss

My wallet was emptied, no notice or notification, nothing. Over 15,000 USD in a diverse group of tokens are gone, and of course I can’t do anything about it, the “help” isn’t help at all. Please give me a number to call

Fantastic app, still needs work

I love Nexo. It has changed the way I think about my money, my business, my life. I’ve made all kinds of mistakes with crypto and Nexo seems to have my back. They are constantly upgrading and evolving to stay at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry. One thing I don’t like is the app has a ton of errors. Perhaps the developer can explain why, but when you move money around, exchanging or between savings vs credit wallets, what you expect to be able to do because of the transaction you made doesn’t. Unless you restart your phone. I can explain further if needed.

Completely Unusable App

The app simply barely works. Logs me out every single time I use the app, 2FA doesn’t work, there’s no way I could ever consider using this product regularly.

Great company - great app!

I moved all my funds from BlockFi to Nexo. Nexo is the best when it comes to interest rates and ease of use. Their app is simple and straightforward. I think it’s perfect.

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