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NewzSocial: Social media marketing campaigns on Twitter & more

NewzSocial is a social media marketing app that allows you to scale your engagement and deliver on social ROI from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for you and your team.
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NewzSocial blends a beautiful magazine-style content app with team collaboration and powerful social sharing: Imagine Flipboard combined with HootSuite and then some more. Free, with no ads.

Unique to NewzSocial: the app delivers content based upon topics, not just publications; enables users to collaborate on content curation; helps users schedule and manage sharing on social media.

With NewzSocial, you can now:

* Discover – create topic based content streams, personalized to you and your team’s needs, across thousands of publications.

* Collaborate – connect content discovery and social sharing across your business or personal networks.

* Publish – using streamlined workflows into the EdCast network.

* Social Sharing – share directly or through scheduled campaigns into company pages and user timelines on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

* Analytics – track performance for each social update you share: Clicks, retweets, likes, shares, comments. Social Influence leaderboard compares the clicks and engagement from your social posts with your peers.

* Today Extension – displays social posts for you to approve

* FREE – NewzSocial includes features normally found in paid apps, and there are NO ADS to interrupt your experience.

You can easily add & manage enterprise users, social accounts and schedule posts from NewzSocial’s web dashboard.

NewzSocial is available for worldwide markets. The app includes a native Spanish language version and can sense and provide language and country specific content based on customizable International settings - Language and Region.


Was looking forward to this app

Would never open on my iPad. Just crashed.

Marketing Rep

Just what I needed. A stream of information on social marketing. Product awareness

CEO at BC Marketing Global
Mansur Abdullah

We run a firm build on quality information backed by relevant sources and we find links and information from this site and app of great value.


Really like the ability to focus on my interests without having to sift through articles that are of no interest to me.

great app

like the way the app presents me my daily news. great job!

Great concept...not ready for prime time

I absolutely love the concept of social media new aggregation, good interface, and clean design....however.... If the app can't hold it's login for your account, it makes this app useless. Developer help, please? :)

Makes news meaningful and sharing purposeful again
Gigi, News Junkie

Even if you think the iPad news reader market is crowded, you should still try out this app. The interface is easily navigated, whether you are a headline scanner or a careful reader. The categories are well-sorted and the customized channels remix the news into offbeat trends and current events perspectives, which I find helpful for monitoring work-related articles. But the innovative twist is what happens when friends use the app together. You're automatically linked to your Facebook friends who use NewzSocial, and you can easily keep tabs on what they're sharing and commenting on (which they do with a quick tap on the screen.) I was glad to see that NewzSocial didn't go down the "automated sharing" path. When Facebook began automated postings for every article users had read through Facebook news apps, I stopped clicking. I prefer to decide what to share after I've had a chance to read the article, and NewzSocial allows cross-platform sharing. So this app answers all my news reading and sharing needs. I highly recommend.

Nicely Organized News Reeder

I love the layout and feel of this app. I will definitely use it!

Quite addictive
World Twitizen

I like creating channels that interest me and as more friends download it it is great to share likes.

This is good!

This app keeps me informed and is awesome. So functional and intuitive with a gorgeous user interface.

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