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New York Subway MTA Map

With over 3.1 million downloads NYC Subway MTA Map gives you all the subway knowhow you need to get around the city that never sleeps. With it's sleek and stylish design, hinting on the modern classic designer Massimo Vignelli this FREE app by the award-winning mxData will be just the ticket.
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Navigation Free Mapway Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

“All you need to easily use the subway to get around New York. 5 stars for sure.” By Ices07

“Never lost with this app. Use it all the time. Doesn't need a signal.” By SJWreview

“Perfect for getting around NYC. Easy to use and up to the minute information." By Quilt Master

- Uses official iconic MTA map of the NYC subway including Staten Island.
- Route planner - Via the map, find your starting point, tap route planner, select your destination and let New York Subway MTA Map do the rest.
- E & E Alerts - Escalator & Elevator alerts. Get service outage information before/whilst on your journey.
- Favourite your routes.
- Walking routes - on/off feature on the map.
- Improved arrival boards coverage. See when the next train is due.
- Via the map search for a subway station or find your nearest one.
- A clear map with pan and zoom. Easy to see while on the move.
- With network coverage get LIVE information about subway stations and lines. Keeping you in control of your journey.*
- Routing via the Maps app on iOS6 and above.
- Integrated Twitter feed with off/on option for map tweets.
- Unlock feature - Remove ads from New York Subway MTA Map via in-app purchase.
- It's FREE!

Stay on track with New York City Subway MTA Map.

* Please note: whilst we endeavour that Line Status notifications are delivered in a timely manner we can’t guarantee this 100% of the time. There may be occasions when the functionality isn’t available due to technical reasons outside of our control.

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Annoying ads


Too many ads

There are so many pop up ads the app is almost not usable.

Great in its simplicity

Know where you are going? Look on map for location. Hone in on nearby subway stops, and there you go. I love, love, love this app!

Good ride!!

Was very fast!

Doesn’t reflect service changes....

Doesn’t reflect service changes....

Use to be good

This used to be a wonderful subway map. Now if you don’t pay for the up scaled version you get stuck with useless ads that stay on for a long time and that you can’t click off.

Great App

I don’t know what I will do without the app.


Used to be my go to app but now too many pop up ads. I’m done with this app.


While I understand that the ad revenue helps the app developers, it is complete overkill and makes the ad unusable.

Too many ads

I would rate it 5 stars if it weren’t for so many ads. It almost made us miss a train because I had to see what train we needed and which route and the train was almost there and an ad appeared.

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